Mireia Belmonte describes as "curious" that some sports have trained before others

Mireia Belmonte has described as "curious" that some contact athletes, such as soccer or basketball, have had permission to train before others, as is the case, that they only needed one lane of a swimming pool.

"It is noteworthy that there are many sports in which team play is played and social distance may not be maintained as much as in individual sports, and I did find it a little curious that some athletes could return to training before others "he said in statements to the COE.

"The first time I jumped into the water, I was very happy to be back"

Belmonte, who was caught by the pandemic in preparation for some Games Olympics who finally moved to the summer of 2021 was up to 66 days without being able to access a pool to continue with his training plan.

"The first time I jumped in the water I felt a lot of joy to be back in my midst, doing the sport that I like and also a bit of training since I could go back to training and I could start preparing for the Games again ", explained.

Training in this confinement has been difficult since it did not have much space

A situation "a little bit difficult" and more seeing the problems that the Royal Spanish Swimming Federation (RFEN) had to get the go-ahead to return to the High Performance Centers, for example.

"Training in this confinement has been difficult since it did not have much space. But well, it has also helped me to take advantage, be with the family, reflect, study and above all to think about how I could help others," he relativized. .

"Now we are trying to get everyone back to normal trying to return little by little to the training we did before and to see if we can reach that point optimally as soon as possible to be able to compete when we are allowed, "he added.

On the other hand, he thanked the support of the Spanish Olympic Committee and its president, Alejandro Blanco. "They are always in defense of all and all the athletes in this country, they try to help us in all circumstances, even in these circumstances that we have all experienced so difficult, they have always been supporting us," he celebrated.

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