Messi's new objectives

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  Updated: 05/27/2020 14:22
 Related newsLeo Messi is looking forward to the start of football after a break due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Argentine has spoken on his Adidas blog about how he is living these days before the resumption of the League, how he values ​​the first training sessions and what the coronavirus pandemic has meant around the world. «I think that nobody could have expected something like this . There were people who spoke that there could be global pandemics and that they could happen from time to time. But the truth is that I could not imagine that it was as it happened, nor the tremendous impact that it is having at a practically global level ”, the Argentinean begins, explaining that“ it is never easy to live or to work with so much uncertainty, much less in a situation as different and exceptional as this one ». “We all wonder when we will return to work, when we will return to training and compete. For any footballer, maintaining concentration when we jump onto the field is essential. Some people think that this mental strength is 40, 50 or even 60 percent of our sport. I suppose that also depends on each individual athlete . But I do think that it is very important and that this aspect is being prepared more and more every day in the field of professional athletes, "he points out. Messi stresses the importance of individual training to maintain shape until it is time to compete:" There is talk of ending the season of the Spanish league behind closed doors which implies a series of challenges. Preparation at group level is the same as for any other game. But it is true that individually you have to prepare and get psyched to play without people because it is very rare. I had to do it in a home game and was very rare . But, it is normal that, if it turns, it is that way after all this that we are experiencing. With everything that is happening in the world it is perfectly understandable », he explained, recalling the duel against Las Palmas, which was played without an audience because of the serious problems generated after the illegal referendum of October 1, 2017. «When we play again, will be like starting over . We are going to have some time to prepare before the competition starts, and on the other hand, we are going to recover important players for us, who were injured. Technically it will be the same season but I think that all the teams and players will experience it differently ", warns the Argentine star, who details what plan he is following:" Although I no longer play two games for week, I try to train every day and I do the exercises that happen to us. But, obviously, it has nothing to do with training with the group and, above all, not having the rhythm of games is ugly but it is the new normality with which we have to live. So it is necessary that we have a preparation before competing again. ”Messi begins to see the light of the tunnel and feels a little happier after being able to have contact with the team again:“ Now more than ever is important keep in touch with the team . Occasionally we all get together to talk and see each other. And, with many others, I speak every day ». He also referred to the Copa América: «Delaying the Copa América was a huge disappointment, but it was certainly normal and most logical. The Cup was going to be a great event for me this year and I was looking forward to playing it again. It was hard when I found out about the postponement but I understood it perfectly ». And he concluded by assuring that “we cannot think about what we are leaving behind this year. It is better to think about the future. Like going back to the day to day of training, seeing teammates, playing the first games. It will certainly be weird at first, but I really want to compete again! ” Themes

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