McLaren maintains the change to the Mercedes engine for 2021



The Formula 1 McLaren team, in which Carlos Sainz competes, maintains its intention to change its engine supplier in 2021, from Renault to Mercedes, despite the fact that the discipline regulation change has been delayed to 2022.

"We will use the Mercedes engine in 2021 as planned, and we will accommodate it in the current base chassis," reported the British team in a statement that reproduces the official website of the Formula One World Cup.

In this way, the team of Woking (United Kingdom) will maintain its plans, even though the organization of the championship And the ten participating teams decided to delay the regulation change scheduled for 2021 by one year, after this season they have seen several races postponed by the coronavirus pandemic.

This will cause you to have to adapt the chassis of your current car to the new engine that you will use in 2021, since the new design to comply with the regulatory change will be delayed to the 2022 season.

The start of the 2020 Formula 1 season has been postponed to June 14 in Montreal (Canada), as eight races have been canceled or postponed, the Australian Grand Prix, Bahrain, Vietnam, China, the Netherlands, Spain , Monaco and Azerbaijan.

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