Marica Gajic, signing of Perfumerías Avenida

Roberto Íñiguez is a Perfumerías Avenida that will be a great dominator in the areas. His latest addition has been the center Marica Gajic, a Slovenian 189 cm and 25 years old, who soon made the leap from his country to the powerful Turkish league, where he has played with Istanbul Universitesi, Mersin and the last two seasons with Hatay. Íñiguez explained to TVE that "with the arrival of Marica Gajic we complete our inner game.

Roberto Íñiguez: "With the arrival of Gajc we reinforced our inner game"

She is a player who is young (…), who has experience because she has played in European competitions, Eurocup, Euroleague, several years in the Turkish league and it can be very useful for us. She is a pure 4, a versatile player, who can play the same in the face, who can play from the back, who has talent, knows the game well, and who completes the inner rotation we were looking for very well ”.

Regarding the recent signings of Umi Diallo and Nikolina Milic in statements to RTVE, Íñiguez defines them as “young, hungry players who are going to enter the rotation (…), players who must progress to make the team better. Obviously they lack experience in the Euroleague, but I think that with that hunger, that talent, that job that we are going to have, we are going to balance all that. "

The coach from Vitoria does not lose sight of the movements of what will be his great rivals in the fight for all the titles “Girona and Valencia are making two very good, fantastic, different squads. Girona with incredible experience and talent. Valencia with an extension of the squad and a brutal rotation, which gives them characteristics and possibilities that nobody has, and that they are going to aspire to everything, with which the league opens up a lot ”.

Umo Diallo: "In Perfumerías I hope to grow in every way"

Umi Diallo: "I think I can continue to grow on Avenida"

Umi Diallo has progressed a lot in recent years, which has done that the charro ensemble noticed her. The 22-year-old from Lanzarote has explained to RTVE that her signing “is a dream come true, is an opportunity. I think that in Avenida I can continue to grow as a player, exploit as a player and, above all, grow as a person. ”

The 190 cm center. He has high hopes for the squad "I hope we are a good group, a competitive team, a dream team, that we can dream big, especially that we can form a small family, and the truth, with a lot of desire to start and be able to live this experience. ”

The perfume team has also taken over the services of the Bosnian Nikolina Milic who has contested this season with the Lointek Gernika. The international player, who has competed in the Italian and Belgian domestic leagues, has been one of the most outstanding in the Endesa Women's League. This center of 26 years and 190 cm. He has signed an average of 14 points and 7 rebounds per game. It has been the seventh highest scorer and the fifth with the highest score in the entire competition. template, continue with our roadmap (…), we are happy, we have things clear and very clear objectives of what we want to do. We are going to see if we can close things ", explained Íñiguez, who issues a notice to navigators" now we need to continue working to complete the perimeter. "

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