Lyon: We hope that the example of Spain will encourage France to resume the championship

Lyon welcomes the decision of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, who authorized the renewal of La Liga from June 8. After the Bundesliga, this is the second major championship, confirming the resumption of the season. Lyon hopes that the example of Spain following Germany will help to reconsider the decision hastily adopted in France. In addition to the economic catastrophe that will hit the French championship hard, the country's most successful clubs, still participating in the Champions League, will be disadvantaged during European matches. Lyon calls on President Emmanuel Macron to support the spirit of France, which should respond to the actions of its European competitors. Thanks to the urgent and effective actions of its citizens, France pushed back the pandemic to ensure a controlled resumption of training, and tomorrow we hope to compete, as happened in almost all other European countries. The decision made in a hurry on April 30 can now be compensated in the eyes of the French if we can recognize that it is not final by making the most appropriate decision in the interests of French professional football, the statement said on an official website those of the French club. Let's add that the French championship was suspended after 28 rounds played, later the country's Football Federation announced that the season was completed ahead of schedule.

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