Lolo de Juan: Coincidence or truth



I walk with my chestnut making my way – with not a few efforts – between a thick and intertwined oatmeal that parks the advance of my horse. The harvest is ripe, about to be harvested dry because the green -the hay- has brought so many varieties of herbs among hedgehogs, clovers, and vetches that it pays to pack them in solid blocks that will serve as sustenance in the coming times.

The farmer -like the ant- works in summer with the proximity of the summer removing fallows or stacking bales, because it is now when the fruit of the work done the previous year is seen. And where the future of what he practices now will also be seen.

I stop in a shadow to share a moment of conversation with the day laborers. That is why "eating and smoking do not stop working." It is part of his salary to share his wisdom with those who know nothing. A neighbor grazes the stubble with his cattle and, curious, also joins the gathering. And here the horse and a servant we pay attention as stiff as the ears of a goat looking at a precipice. It is in this conversation that the most archaic theories in the world will be born; those that are the basis of logic, ethics and aesthetics. Due to their simplicity, they become great. Because of its sharpness, impossible to refute.

The year 2020 will be remembered for two things: for a pandemic that put a planet in check and for an unparalleled spring. It has rained in its time, steadily and abundantly, without ice or heat, without soils or hail. It has rained to ask for it. In the rural world there is a being that laments more than the swallows that nest on the porches of the houses when they see their nests destroyed: the farmers. Because if the year is dry, it cries for its harvest. But if it is abundant in rains, it complains about the low price of the cereal. There is no character more dissatisfied with the environment. But his presence -always essential- is synonymous with good speculations.

They argue that this year has been great because there are no planes in the sky. And it will be the result of chance, but it has been so. In addition one of the laborers notes the number of amphibians that are seen in the ponds, frogs everywhere, and that is because there are many and varied insects. And in turn because fewer cars circulate, killing millions of small beings on the roads that support other larger ones, thus ending the cycle. In that talk, another defended that the deer are going to give birth more and better when colonizing new lands not walked or invaded by man. In the back of the garden the other afternoon he saw two bulging corcillos and a range to give birth. And it had been years since fallow deers came to this area. This implies that the predators are more distributed, the pastures and territories better distributed. It has been the calm – that horrible parenthesis for man – that has restored to nature the unusual tranquility of having to hide in the shadows of the mountains, to give light and life in lowlands or meadows previously visited daily by tourists …

No, I do not criticize the action of the human being. Well, thanks to him there are those meadows, those ponds and those firewalls that protect from fires. But from the saddle of my horse I listened attentively to the well-founded reasons of those poor devils who, without having studied, were opening the eyes of a reality to the love of a can of sardines and knew more about life than a herd of professors with chalk and a blackboard.

I didn't open my mouth. I didn't dare do it. Because -as he said- it is better to look stupid for being silent than to open your mouth and show it. I ended the break and said goodbye to the team that was going back to work, with their masks hanging from their ears as if it were the chinstrap of my wide-brimmed hat that Rocío has not experienced this year.

Walking Under the June moon I am thinking about the many plans that are pending. Usual highway traffic has decreased so much that the sound of a truck is even anecdotal. The ponds, overflowing with crystalline water, resonate the song of its inhabitants, only broken when some boar wants to fill the crop causing an aquatic stampede among the eggs that, by the way, are also more abundant. Two horseshoe snakes I have seen this afternoon and three large lizards like rats. The orioles seem to stay a bit longer in the environment. And I hear the jays squawking more than they should at dawn. It seems that the field bustles with life despite the fact that the man is somehow dead in his daily activities.

A lady went to the doctor with her son because the raptor had his head itched, the doctor examined and extracted a louse from his hair. The lady excused herself saying that this was a fluke, that her son had never had parasites. The doctor continued investigating and discovered another one. The mother insisted that this was a coincidence, it had never happened before. The toilet continued and soon had a tray full of insects. He adjusted his glasses and answered his mother:

-I already know the diagnosis of her son. His head is full of coincidences.

Chance or truth. I wouldn't know how to say it. But let's see who catches that fly by the tail …

Lolo de Juan: Coincidence or truth 5 Lolo de Juan

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