"Like falling into a hole." 15 football players of the Russian championship were ill with a coronavirus, six are being treated

"Like falling into a hole." 15 football players of the Russian championship were ill with a coronavirus, six are being treated 5
On June 7, it became known that the leading midfielder of Spartak Zelimkhan Bakaev was cured of coronavirus. Recall that he learned about the disease in the 20th of May, when the red-and-white started training at the base in Tarasovka. Here’s how Bakayev himself described his emotions in an interview with the club’s press service: “When I found out that the coronavirus test was positive, it was such a disappointment as if it had fallen into a hole. It’s good that I was supported by partners, coaches, parents, friends. Because of this, it is easier to bear. Now I understand that I need to listen to my parents, doctors. Although I protected myself, I didn’t walk, but somehow I picked it up. I’ll be even more careful. ”Now Bakayev is already fully working in the general group. Just like his midfielder Spartak Roman Zobnin whose antibodies were detected during testing. This means that he was ill with coronavirus during a break in the championship and fully recovered by the start of training camp. There are enough such players – with antibodies – in the RPL. Among them, Bakayev’s younger brother Soltmurad who plays for Rubin. And also – Darko Yevtich, Sylvie Begich, Ivan Konovalov (all “Rubin”), Sylvester Igbun (“Dynamo”), Filip Rogich, Zhiga Shkoflek and Andrea Chukanov (all – “Orenburg”). Magomed-Shapi Suleymanov from Krasnodar did not find antibodies during testing, but the player himself reported that he had coronavirus. Among those who passed positive tests for COVID-19, the forward-veteran was the first to report recovery “ Urals " Pavel Pogrebnyak. His disease was in its most serious form: the best scorer of the UEFA Cup 2008 was placed in a hospital with bilateral pneumonia. However, on June 3, he reported the good news: “I 'rewound my two-week term.” You can say, "demobilized" yesterday. I feel good. Of course, you need to devote time to your health, because pneumonia is a serious disease that I have never encountered. ”On June 5, it became known that the defender of Rubin Konstantin Pliev had recovered. Thus, the number of recovered at the moment is a damn dozen. The disease was defeated by two representatives of Lokomotiv: Jefferson Farfan June 7 said that “he never, even after a hangover, experienced such a headache as during the coronavirus”, and Dmitry Barinov took part in the first control match with Dynamo (1: 1), having played 63 minutes before giving way to Brown Idov. Most likely, Anton Kochenkov, Timur Suleymanov, Roman Tugarev continue treatment (everything is Lokomotiv), Roman Evgeniev, David Sangare (both Dynamo) and Nikolai Poyarkov (Rubin). In any case, all these players were identified as COVID-19, while their recovery has not yet been reported. Recall that the Russian Championship 2019/20 will resume on June 19. On this day there will be two matches of the 23rd round: “Wings of the Soviets” – “Akhmat” and “Sochi” – “Rostov”.

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