Liga Santander: When the field factor is vital: "We work so that the player feels like the fans" | LaLiga Santander 2019

Josep Toldr, director of the Espanyol stadium, explains the adaptation of the venues to the new protocol and ensures that they will create an atmosphere

 Josep lt; HIT gt; Toldra lt; / HIT gt ;, director of the Espanyol stadium

Josep Toldr, director of the Espanyol stadium

There is very little left for the ball to roll again on the grass of the Cornell-El Prat campus in a League game. On this occasion, and until further notice with no audience in the stands. An indefinite situation that requires indefinite measures . On match day everything will be very different than usual.

In the Bundesliga, the first competition to be restarted in Europe, playing at home has lost importance. And that, for a team, like Espanyol, that fighting to avoid the hell of the category drop may be one more stick on the wheels. We are working against the clock in many measures so that the player feels the warmth of the fan, to have that communion. For us, the field factor is very important, points out Josep Toldr, director of Operations for Espanyol and head of the stadium.

All the initiatives will be regulated and unified by the League. Each stadium will not do what it sees fit. It's about following a pattern, a regulation, to avoid clutter. From various areas, such as social, security or marketing, we are working on various ideas to bring the warmth of our fans who is very faithful, one more protagonist, to our players. They will not feel alone. For example, we want to continue commemorating the 21st minute in memory of Dani Jarque. It is about regulating it, just as it is done with camera positions in broadcasts, he stresses.

From Toldr's point of view, the fact that the Espanyol stadium is attached to a shopping center does not It should be more difficult to control that there are no crowds in the surrounding areas. Everything will be done with the best criteria of safety and health, both for the players and the people who are going to be part of the interior of the stadium and for those who will be outside, working together with the security and coordination department of the police to comply with what the health authorities ask us. It does not have to be more complicated, but it is necessary to pay more attention. It is possible that there are fans who want to come closer, but we will ensure that there is always a good coexistence, assures the director of Operations of Espanyol.

The green zone

The restrictions, of course, will also be very important within the stadiums. In terms of cleaning and disinfection, for example, the green area will be the most restricted and of the highest security. It is where the players, the changing rooms and the pitch will be. It must be disinfected 24 hours before it is held the party and sealed until four hours to dispute it, Toldr explains.

There is a requirement that must be met. Prior to the declaration of the pandemic, there were already a number of stipulated pre-jobs that were carried out 24 hours before matches. In this case, the process started about 72 hours before and does not represent more work, but more rigor in complying with them, he insists.

The fact of having 10 cases positive for coronavirus in the club, in addition, it was already a first touch of attention. We have been the most affected team and, therefore, from the medical services of the club there is a greater awareness, because it has touched us squarely. Fortunately, they have not been serious cases and they are already recovered, but when it touches you closely it makes you pay more attention to the risk that exists, points out the stadium direct.

We will have to be more aware, from all areas. It will be a different game and we will have enough professionals to guarantee its good development, always respecting the maximum numbers that have been set. Our goal is that there is tranquility and order, and also that we can compete in the best possible way, he points out.

Climatology, in addition, will be another factor to consider. The conditions of June and July are not the most favorable and, in addition, there will be an intensity to which no pitch is accustomed. It will require an effort in terms of resources and personnel to ensure that it is in the best possible condition. It is not going to be easy, it is something that we have never encountered before, says Toldr.

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