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Pol Lorente, from CD Legans, recounts the difficulties with the protocol: "With the mask my glasses are fogged"

 Pol Lorente, during a session

Pol Lorente, during a training session with Legans.

"If I put on my mask, they mask me The glasses. If I put the mask on, the LaLiga inspector scolds me. The poor man always has to be reminding me: "Pol, please, the mask." Even the first week of training I had to get a speaker and a microphone. " Pol Lorente Sol (Barcelona, ​​1988) has been the physical trainer of CD Legans since Javier Aguirre claimed him in November, after having shared an intense adventure with the Egypt team. His last "year and peak" has been a roller coaster between Japan, Cairo and Legans, where he has experienced the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic. Last weekend he saw his parents again, who reside in Cobisa (Toledo), after about eighty days, thanks to the fact that his parents' address is on his DNI. "I don't want to get too close for them, and also for myself. For my work. They have done several tests for us, so imagine that I test positive with LaLiga about to resume," he admits in conversation with EL MUNDO.

Beyond his role on CD Legans, Pol has gained popularity during confinement thanks to the club's social media workouts. And that he has neither Twitter nor Instagram. "I went to do the first session on YouTube and discovered that I had to have registered 24 hours in advance. I had already called the footballers, so we opted to start with Twitch, which is an open channel. It was so well received, that We decided to open the first half hour of training to the public. It was something unexpected and personally it has filled me a lot, "he recalls of those difficult days in March, with society confined to their homes, rescuing from memory that day when he had to interrupt A broadcast because online shopping came home.

Stories have come to your ears like that of that sixty-year-old man who broke the crusader and evolved thanks to that half-hour daily routine. "I have come to receive threats not to quit, when it was necessary to start face-to-face training. There were people very hooked," jokes this Catalan from birth, who has lived for more than 20 years in Toledo. In the last session, he started dressed as Harry Potter and had the complicity of the captain Unai Bustinza and the doorman Pichu Cullar to give a magical touch to the matter: "This situation has united us emotionally. "

On Monday, at last, Pol was able to return to work with all his players at once. All gathered on the same grass of the Butarque sports city. "What has cost us most has been the uncertainty of how everything was evolving. One day individual training, the following week with six, on Sunday the 24th he had prepared to train with eight and LaLiga issued a statement to do it with 14. And so many days The most tedious has been the uncertainty. " Now, he has a date to focus his training plan around that Saturday, June 13 (7:30 p.m.), in which the Legans restart without their people the battle to continue in the First against Valladolid. "At the time, he divided the two fields into 15-meter lanes, so that the player knew where he had to go. 'In which lane am I going today, Pol? On three and don't get out of there all morning.' The goal is very simple: to get to the start in the best conditions. "

And although weeks, months ago, when the coronavirus physically distanced people, it is still a strange reality today. "It is no longer just a professional matter. I consider myself a fairly professional person. A few days ago it was Cullar's birthday and I would have liked to give him a hug, but you cannot. Also, when you have to correct a footballer, you like to approach and talk to him. Explain the exercise and touch him, if necessary. They are basic situations that are impossible right now ".

"I have become an acceptable chef"

On that day to day, Pol Lorente has also had to exercise a little psychology with some of his pupils. "A few days ago, the first thing I did was sit down with a footballer who has a sick family member and talk to him about it. You try to find out about each one's personal situation, because there are many who are far from their country and are young" , relates. It is not the only personal anecdote: "There is one, for example, that his wife is about to give birth and does not want to do it in Spain. 'How do I do, Pol?', She asks me. 'We have to speak to the club to See how they can help us, 'I replied. "

What has already become a habit is having to report your plans daily to those in the kitchen, to the nutritionist, to those on the lawn, to the doctor, to the cleaning staff … and to Javier Aguirre, for course Things of this pandemic. At least, he hasn't neglected his own physical preparation, although he has sometimes had to hide it. "There were times when I thought: 'I have passed three villages, I am busted'. But I had to finish the session as it was and then I would die on the couch. get into them in the bathtub, because I knew that the next day I would be liquidated. "

Confinement, at least, has allowed him to discover an alternative in case he ever gets tired of football: "I must admit that I have had time to become an acceptable chef. With a food processor, of course. My risottos are spectacular. I believe that Chicote did not close my kitchen. "

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