Liga Santander: Simeone: "It is clear that Madrid is charged more penalties because it attacks more" | LaLiga Santander 2019

The Athletics will not be able to count on Joao Flix in Vigo, for injury: "Very few stars are absolute with only 20 years"

 GRAF3144. MAJADAHONDA (MADRID) .- The Argentine coach of Atl

Diego Pablo Simeone, during the training of the Atlético.

The direct classification from the Atlantic to the Champions is getting closer. The defeat of Villarreal and the sprint of his team in the League have allowed the rojiblancos to have a goal that seemed complicated before the break. Simeone also spoke about the possible controversy with the penalties that pointed to Real Madrid and the controversies with the VAR. His reflection was simple: "They charge him more penalties because he attacks more."

"I have no doubt that the VAR is fairer with everyone. Obviously if they charge you a lot of penalties it is because you are much longer in the rival area, as they speak of Madrid lately. It is clear that at Madrid charge him more penalties because he attacks more. The VAR is still a situation to adjust, but it exposes absolutely everything, "Simeone said in the videoconference before the media.

"The VAR is seen by another referee with the calmness that a television allows him, people see him at home, when we finish a game we review it and see the images. Of course, impossible. There is always a person who ends up deciding. We will be harmed and benefited, but now it becomes even clearer when it is offside, if there is a penalty or not in a play … We see it. We are all more exposed, "he continued.

Simeone spoke about the Atlantic calendar and record are the ones that have played the most every three days. "We had to adapt to what there was and to the circumstances before us. From now on, the rotations will be less because the stability of the players is already normal, even though we have five changes," he said before visiting this Tuesday. Celta.

"Very few stars are absolute with 20 years"

Joao Flix will miss the Celta match due to an edema of the ankle, although his coach does not hesitate to close ranks on him, despite to his discreet match against Mallorca. "We are going to give him time because it is clear that he has quality and talent. He does not have to leave the group, he must be involved, have patience, everything that at times costs him. That will be given by maturation, balance, team confidence and Make yourself available to learn and improve, because that's what this game is about. Very few are absolute stars with 20 years. It just takes time, "he admitted.

In addition, Simeone made a curious reflection on the problems of his team with penalties . "Atlético is one of the teams that has missed the most penalties in history. We will try to continue improving something that is very important and increasingly difficult because the goalkeepers are better and there is more preparation. It is something that has happened for many years in the Athletic. We hope to continue improving ", wish.

Finally, he referred nostalgically to Vicente Caldern who has already been completely demolished after several months of work. "The Caldern was our home and we will always be it in memory. We all lived through spectacular moments. I remember the goal against Albacete to become champions. I will always remember the joy of the people and the teammates on an extraordinary sunny day in a May 25. All that remains in the history that I had to live ", rememor.

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