Koeman press conference prior to the match against Atlético Football News

The coach of FC Barcelona Ronald Koeman, assured before the match against Atlético de Madrid that one should not be "nervous" about the future of Leo Messi, whom he does not see outside the club and he has asked "respect" to the press towards the Argentine defending him after his statements at the airport about Griezmann's environment .

"I don't see Messi outside the club, you don't have to be nervous about Leo's future. In my opinion, he has to be here. But I'm not the person who has to try to make Messi stay here. He's still a player of Barcelona and nobody can know what will happen in the future ", he pointed out at a press conference.

Furthermore, regarding Messi admitting that he was "tired" of "always being the problem of everything" at the club, he asked for "respect" for the Argentine, who made these statements after a long flight back and spending an hour attending to the Treasury.

" I don't see a problem between Messi and Griezmann "

"I understand that Leo was pissed off. In my opinion, people like Messi have to be respected much more. After such a long trip, and the Treasury, asking him about Antoine is disrespectful. It may be for an intention on your part to create controversy, "noted Koeman.

The truth is that the question he was asked was about the statements of Griezmann's uncle – "I was convinced that Antoine was not going to succeed in six months in Barcelona, ​​but I did not expect it to last a year. Furthermore, with Messi over there … I know what happens inside, it's not easy "-.

"I have not seen at any time in training or in the dressing room, that there is any problem between the two . There are enough images of them working well, Messi gave an assist … I am not in favor of creating problems. They are bullshit, "Koeman reiterated.

Philippe Coutinho receives medical discharge

On the other hand, regarding the 'FIFA virus' after the international break, he pointed out that except Sergio Busquets, injured with Spain, the rest are fine. "Almost all of them have returned well, except Busquets. There is a normal fatigue, in the morning they have trained and are available for tomorrow, with only one training session but we have tried to prepare the team," he pointed out.

" We have everyone except Busquets "

In addition, recovers, already with the medical discharge, Philippe Coutinho . "We are happy that he has returned. He has been with the group for almost a week, training. We have to talk with the doctors to find out if he can play at the start or go in for refreshment, knowing the games that we are going to have," he commented on his possible return to the team at Wanda.

A match, against Atlético, which will not be the first match of Luis Suárez, absent due to contracting coronavirus, against his former teammates. "We also have important casualties. Any coach knows that he can lose players in national team matches or because of the COVID-19 issue," said the Dutchman in this regard.

There will be a Joao Félix who has a great future . "He is a young man with a great future ahead . He has improved this season compared to the previous one. He is a key player at Atlético, he has freedom at the top and if you don't score well, he can complicate you a lot. He is a player with great future ", he reiterated.

Without a doubt, a key game for Barça, which could be nine points below the 'colchoneros' in the event of defeat. "It's an important game in which we have to get a good result, due to our way of thinking and the points," he said.

"A league is very long and a lot can happen. It's a great team that every season they fight to win titles. They are competitive, we have to be well and play well to win against them, "he added in this regard.

" We know that it is a complicated game "

Also, if they win in Madrid, it will be good to consolidate their changes. "We have changed things in the team and if you achieve a good result tomorrow, as we did against Juventus, confidence will exist even more in this team, and in the way of being and in the things that we have changed," he argued.

In any case, he highlighted the danger of Atlético del 'Cholo'. "We know that it is a difficult game against a strong team in the last
years. We must highlight the good work of his coach, who has made a competitive team. ", he assured.

On the other hand, he celebrated the renewal of Pep Guardiola at City. "It is important that Pep continues as a coach, he is an important reference for all the coaches. I am happy for him, he is very comfortable at City and I wanted to continue, and the club wanted him to continue. It is nice. I said that if he's happy, I'm happy, "he was sincere.