Klishina – about doping: I was lucky, in Russia they never offered it

Klishina - about doping: I was lucky, in Russia they never offered it 5
“The problem of doping is urgent for all countries,” said the athlete live on Instagram of the journalist Maria Komandnaya. – In the USA, I think everything is much stricter. But, on the other hand, there is great legal protection. In Russia, unfortunately, there are still trainers who believe that without illegal drugs it is impossible to achieve high results. I got lucky. When I was still training at home, no one in my group ever offered doping to anyone. ”Recall that 29-year-old Klishina has been training in the United States for a long time. That is why she was considered not involved in the pre-poppy fraud, which entailed the removal of the All-Russian Athletics Federation. Klishina is the only one among our athletes who was allowed to participate in the athletics tournament of the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Daria was supposed to take part in the 2020 Games, but is not upset because of their postponement to 2021. Also, the Russian woman shared her impressions of the street riots that she observed in recent days in Atlanta and New York. In particular, her favorite Italian restaurant was destroyed in the state capital of Georgia. One night, she said, robbers carried $ 65 million worth of goods from stores, before which the athlete watched closely the launch of the first ever private spacecraft, Crew Dragon. Overeem knocked out Harris, Ige defeated Barbosa. Highlights of the UFC on ESPN 8 tournament (video) A mixed martial arts tournament was held in Jacksonville (Florida, USA). In the main fight of the UFC on ESPN 8 show, Overeem defeated Harris in the second round. 05/17/2020 10:00 MMA Sergey Vashchenko One of the bloodiest fights of the year took place in Jacksonville. No COVID-19 protocols (video) Americans Darren Elkins and Nate Landver set up a real meat grinder on UFC on ESPN 8. 05/17/2020 10:00 MMA Sergeyev Ivan Chernyshenko postponed the restart of the Russian football championship for two days. CSKA and Zenit will play June 20, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko specified the date for the resumption of RPL-2019/20, after which the league published a calendar of the final eight rounds. 02/02/2020 17:00 Football Sergeyev Ivan Zagitova will no longer drive a car without a license, as it used to be Olympic champion in figure skating Alina Zagitova received another gift for her 18th birthday. 05/20/2020 20:30 Figure skating Sergeyev Ivan From the Ural "slave" to Pet Carrera. Who tied up with Russian football for this season With the majority of players whose contracts expired in the summer, the clubs extended their agreements for eight final rounds. But not with everyone. 06/02/2020 09:00 Football Zibrak Artyom Sinitsyna in his hands instead of “TSCH” in the sky. Who is turning into “adults" this summer? (video) Having barely overcome the age limit, Kostornaya, Shcherbakova and Trusova won all major tournaments. Will there be similar super-ex-juniors this year? 05/21/2020 16:00 Figure skating Tigay Lion Tennis will not be until August. And maybe longer. Why? Football is returning to Europe. In July, Formula 1 will resume. In the summer, they plan to play out the NBA and NHL championships. And in tennis they decide to extend the season stop until August 1. 05/21/2020 5:00 PM Tennis Nikolay Mysin Boils our minds outraged by the space salaries of foreign civil servants in the KHL Soviet Sport columnist Vitaly Slavin is on the list of the highest paid KHL players. 06/02/2020 00:00 Hockey Slavin Vitaliy “He didn’t close the door to the NHL”. Interview with Maxim Mamin Forward CSKA told Soviet Sport about the reasons for returning to the KHL, life in Florida and goals for the new season. 06/01/2020 21:00 Hockey Vladimir Dekhtyarev Daria Kasatkina: If it weren’t for Sharapova’s injury, my brother would have to sell the apartment. Former first Russian racket looked into the live broadcast of the journalist Maria Komandnaya’s instagram. We give some fragments of the female conversation. 05/26/2020 23:00 Tennis Julia Grigoryevskaya

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