Khabib Nurmagomedov: I could not believe that in one round I would have the UFC belt (video)

Russian UFC fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov recalled how he won the championship belt. Recall he won it in a duel against American Al Yakvinty, defeating an opponent by decision of the judges. “Why did I ask what round it is? I just couldn’t believe that in just one round I’ll have a UFC belt. It’s hard to describe these emotions, but these people who are nearby and give advice during the break are very big reasons for my success, ”the fighter wrote on his Instagram by posting the following video: We add that for the entire career in MMA, Nurmagomedov spent 28 fights and won 28 victories. Bolshunov, Kostornaya, Repilov. Who admired the most? The winter season this year was almost complete and brought us many bright victories. "Soviet Sport" summed up the results in the Olympic species. And this material is about our most successful teams. 03/29/2020 22:30 Figure skating Nikolay Mysin, Tigay Lev When the fight is an art. The best films about boxing and not only "Soviet Sport" continues a series of materials devoted to films about sports. What else can I see on the screen while there are no matches on TV? 04/11/2020 20:00 Boxing Nikolay Mysin "He is two years older, but does not lead forward." How Mikhail Grigorenko was remembered Forward Mikhail Grigorenko leaves for the NHL. He will spend the next season at Columbus. Recall the highlights of his career, and not only in CSKA. 04/21/2020 16:00 Hockey Domrachev Vladislav Ceiling for Spartak, pressure for Skabelka. Evaluate Western teams. We continue to evaluate personnel changes in the KHL clubs. Today we are talking about the middle peasants of the Western Conference, who are ready to swindle at leadership – Spartak and Lokomotiv. 04/16/2020 16:00 Hockey Dmitry Kuznetsov "I did not fail the test, and Rajab should grow up." Besputin about doping, Lomachenko and Butaev WBA welterweight champion Alexander Besputin talked about the failed doping test and answered the charges of his former rival Rajab Butaev. 04/13/2020 11:00 Boxing Usachev Vladislav Doctor with a coronavirus: Compare it with SARS – just ignorance Alexander Dzidzaria, who practices jiu-jitsu at the Strela club (where Alexander Volkov is training), told how his illness goes. 04/10/2020 08:00 MMA Usachev Vladislav Yekaterina Bobrova: We don’t stock up on buckwheat and toilet paper (video) Olympic champion Yekaterina Bobrova visited the Sovetsky Sort press center before quarantine. We publish the first part of the interview. 04/06/2020 14:00 Figure skating Ivanova Darya, Klyuchnikova Anastasia, Tigay Lev "Tennis, I say goodbye to you …". Maria Sharapova’s column Maria Sharapova announced the separation from sports in a touching letter published in the VanityFair publication.

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