Kerzhakov, Liverpool, Pletikos and some Levents. Anatomy of 158 goals of Arshavin

Kerzhakov, Liverpool, Pletikos and some Levents. Anatomy of 158 goals of Arshavin 5
We are used to perceiving a birthday boy as a brilliant playmaker, but meanwhile Arshavin pinned up for Zenit, Arsenal, Kairat and the Russian national team for one and a half hundred goals. This is, for a second, the seventh line in the "Club of 100 Russian scorers." Only Arshavin Alexander Kerzhakov (233 goals), Oleg Veretennikov (207), Roman Pavlyuchenko (188), Artem Dzyuba (170) ), Sergey Rodionov (164) and Alexander Mostovoi (163). And no one in the foreseeable future will catch up with Arshavin. The closest pursuer Fedor Smolov is behind 52 goals … Arshavin's goals for the teams 80: Zenit 31: Arsenal 30: Kairat 17: Russian national team Arshavin goals in tournaments 57: RPL 24: Kazakhstan Championship 23: Premier League 19: UEFA Cup / Europa League 11: World Cup selection / Euro 7: Champions League 5: Cup Russia 4: Friendly matches of the team 3: English League Cup 2: Euro 2008 2: Kazakhstan Cup 1: The Russian Super Cup FROM VORONEZH TO ALMA-ATA, FROM LISBON TO MARSEILLE Fans saw the very first ball played by Arshavin on April 14, 2001, when Zenit beat the Fakel in Voronezh (2: 1). The last time he scored was on August 26, 2018, providing Kairat with a home victory over Atyrau (4: 2). And the most amazing thing: in these 17 years in the matches in which Arshavin scored, his teams suffered only … nine defeats. One fell on Arsenal (from Manchester United). Two – to the Russian team (from Germany and Portugal, yes, it was Andrei Sergeyevich who scored the only goal when we flew in Lisbon 1: 7). Six more – on Zenit, which in matches with Arshavin’s goals lost to Spartak (three times), Rubin, Arsenal (Tula) and Marseilles. At the same time, Arshavin’s goal to the French was largely decisive in the triumph for St. Petersburg UEFA Cup 2008. If, after his solo pass in the 82nd minute, the score had not been 1: 3, the team of Dick Advocaat would hardly have recouped in the second meeting with Marseilles – and then there would have been no victories over Bayer with Bayern, nor champagne in Manchester … Arshavin's goals by years 2001: 4 2002: 7 2003: 6 2004: 12 2005: 18 2006: 11 2007: 14 2008: 14 2009: 15 2010: 11 2011: 5 2012: 5 2013: 4 2014: 2 2016: 11 2017: 10 2018: 9 KING OF THE END A late goal in Marseille in 2008 is Arshavin's signature. His favorite minute is the 70th, on which he distinguished himself most often, six times. In the final dvadtsatiminutku and extra time fit 47 of his goals. Another 23 goals were scored in the end of the first half (from the 40th minute). In general, Arshavin was always able and loved to punish a tired opponent. And it is no coincidence that the main goal of his life – at the gates of the Dutch in the quarter-finals of Euro 2008 – was at the same time the latest. Edwin van der Sarah he requested in the 116th minute … Arshavin's goals in the minutes 1 – 15: 14 16 – 30: 22 31 – 45: 37 45 +: 2 46 – 60: 20 61 – 75: 29 76 – 90: 24 90 +: 7 Overtime: 3 WHERE ARE ARSHU WITHOUT KERZH? It is symbolic that that first adult goal in Voronezh was scored by Arshavin with the transfer of Kerzhakov . Their Zenit bunch of the mid-2000s – if not the strongest, then certainly the most harmonious in the history of Russian football. Young Arsh and Kerzh saw each other in the back of the head. Of course, the first was more often the assistant (more than 20 times). But Mr. Beale, Bew and I Will Beat regularly led his comrade to a smashing blow. According to Transfermakt, Arshavin scored 14 goals for Zenit and the national team after passing Kerzhakov. And this is probably an underestimated figure. In 55 of his goals, the authors of the programs are not indicated. At the same time, Arshavin didn’t often take the penalty (less than ten per career), and almost never scored from the penalty … His second favorite partner is Cesc Fabregas in the Premier League Spaniard assisted the Russian seven times. 11 more assists for Arshavin were divided among his Kairat teammates – Brazilian Isael and who did not go to Zenit Bauyrzhan Islamkhan last winter . Arshavin 14: Kerzhakov 7: Fabregas 6: Isael 5: Islamkhan 4: I. Denisov, Spivak, Shirl 3: Gou, Zyryanov 2: Anyukov, Bilyaletdinov, Gorshkov, Danny, Denilson, Zhirkov, Igonin, Kuat, Pogrebnyak, Radimov, Tekke, Wilshire [1945] 1: Astafyev, Benayoun, Bendtner, Bukharov, Witsel, Vorogovsky, Vieshtitsa, Dominguez, Katulsky, Kim Don Jin, Girou, Ilichevich, Konoplev, Kusov, S. Lunin, Markovich, Nasri, Ramsey, Cesar Arso, Tesak, Tymoshchuk, Walcott, Fabiansky, Felipe, Hulk, Khokhlov, Chamakh, Eduardo “DEAD PEOPLE”, RED-WHITE AND “ENFIELD” Four teams received five goals from Arshavin at once. These are the now defunct Moscow and Saturn. And also “Spartak”, on which Andrei Sergeyevich, as a true Zenitist, always had a tooth, and, of course, “Liverpool”. Actually, this team made Arshavin a name in Europe. About his legendary poker at Anfield on April 21, 2009, the British are still filming separate programs. Well, how else? No one before Arshavin scored four goals for Liverpool. And surely no one will be able to arrange poker at Anfield in a draw. And that game, recall, ended with a score of 4: 4. Moreover, Arshavin in the corporate style, as we already understood, put the guests ahead in the 90th minute … Which clubs and teams scored Arshavin 5 goals: Liverpool, Moscow, “ Saturn ”,“ Spartak ” 4 goals: “ Aktobe ”,“ Amkar ”,“ Atyrau ”,“ Akhmat ”,“ Dynamo ”,“ Ray ”,“ Okzhetpes ” 3 goals: ] “Astana”, “Blackburn”, “Kuban”, “Lokomotiv”, “Rostov”, “Rubin”, “Spartak” Nch, “Torpedo”, “Shinnik” 2 goals: AEK, Atlantas "," Bolton ", Germany," Irtysh "," Kaysar ", Latvia, Macedonia," Marseille "," Ordabasy "," Rotor "," Standard "," Taraz "," Wigan "," Uralan "," Khimki ”,“ Crvena Zvezda ”, CSKA,“ Encamp ” 1 goal: Azerbaijan,“ Akzhayik ”,“ Arsenal ”T,“ Aston Villa ”,“ Bayer ”,“ Barcelona ”,“ Burnley ”,“ Birmingham ”,“ Blackpool ”,“ Braga ”,“ West Bromwich ”,“ Vitoria ”,“ Wolverhampton ”, Holland, Denmark, Israel,“ Coventry ”,“ Wings of the Soviets ”,“ Kyzyl-Zhar ”, Lithuania, Luxembourg,“ Maccabi ”TA,“ Manchester United ”,“ Norschelland ”,“ Olympiakos ”,“ Partisan ”,“ Pasush de Fe Rreira ”,“ Paching ”, Portugal, Romania,“ Rosenborg ”,“ Seville ”,“ Celtic ”,“ Stoke City ”,“ Swansea ”,“ Teuta ”,“ Tottenham ”,“ Fakel ”, Finland,“ Fulham ”, Hull, Shakhtar K, Sweden, Everton, Estonia FROM REINA TO SCHIKLGRUBER In addition to poker at Anfield, Arshavin made hat-tricks three times (at the gates of Amkar, Akhmat and “Saturn”) and made a double 7 times (in matches with “Atlantas”, “Okzhetpes”, “Standard”, “Uralan”, “Red Star”, “Shinnik” and “Encamp”). But the largest number of goals from him was still conceded by the goalkeeper of Liverpool Pepe Reina . Indeed, in the same 2009, Arsenal re-took away points from Anfield, but now not just one, but three at once thanks to Arshavin's winning goal (2: 1). The relations with the Zenit player from the goalkeeper who had not yet moved to the banks of the Neva were extremely unsuccessful FC "Moscow" Yuri Zhevnov . He missed from Arshavin four times in four different matches! There are goalkeepers whom today's birthday boy has grieved both at the club and in the national team: Finn Jussi Jaskelainen German Rene Adler Danish Thomas Sorensen and Latvian Alexander [1945900] Kolinko . Arshavin also scored the namesake of Peter Cech Marek Cech from Luch, and … the namesake of his father Adolf Hitler Joseph Schiklgruber from Pashing. But he certainly became a real evil genius for the choir The Stipe of the Pletikosa . He missed from Arshavin in both Spartak and Rostov, and even in his … only match for Tottenham. Which goalkeepers of clubs and national teams scored 5 goals by Arshavin : Reina (Liverpool) 4 goals: Berezovsky (Dynamo, Khimki), Zhevnov (Moscow), Kornyukhin (Saturn), Stamenkovich (Okzhetpes), Stepanov (Amkar) 3 goals: Grigorenko (Taraz, Kaisar), Kabanov (Torpedo), Levitsky (Spartak, Dynamo), Pletikosa (Spartak, “ Tottenham Hotspur, Rostov), ​​Robinson (Blackburn), Savchenko (Akhmat), Tkoch (Shinnik) 2 goals: Adler (Bayer, Germany), Belenov (Kuban "), Gerus (Luch, Rostov), ​​Dislenkovich (Crvena Zvezda), Kalmykov (Irtysh), Kovalevski (Spartak), Kolinko (Rubin, Latvia), Mikelenis (Atlantas) ), Narzikulov (Atyrau), Nurmukhametov (Ordabasy), Okroshidze (Uralan), Otarbayev (Aktobe), Renard (Standard), Ryzhikov (Rubin), Sorensen (Stoke City) , Denmark), Fernandez (Encamp), Chi Chkin (Rotor), Erich (Astana), Yaskelainen (Bolton, Finland) 1 goal: Avat (Israel), Agaev (Azerbaijan), Akinfeev (CSKA), Al-Khabsi ( Wigan), Babakhanov (Taraz), Barthez (Marseille), Besic (Luxembourg), Bliznyuk (Rostov), ​​Bogdan (Bolton), Borovik (Akzhayyk), Borutz (Celtic) ), Van der Sar (Holland), Valdes (“Barcelona”), Vintila (Romania), Worm (“Swansea”), Gilks ​​(“Blackpool”), Goncharov (“Torch”), Degra (“Pasus de Ferreira”) , Jensen (Burnley), Duisen (Shakhtar K), Zakirov (Kyzyl-Zhar), Isaksson (Sweden), Johnsen (Rosenborg), Kahn (Germany), Carson (West Brom), Karchemarskas (Lithuania), Kirkland (Wigan), Kotenko (Estonia), Lobos (Wings of the Soviets), Levenets (Lokomotiv), Lika (Akhmat), Loginovsky (Atyrau), Lomaya (Luch) ”), Mayhill (“ Hull ”), Mandanda (“ Marcel ”), Mandrykin (CSKA), Murphy (“ Coventry ”), Milosevski (Macedonia), Mihaylidis (AEK), Mokin (“ Astana ”), Mochka (“ Teuta ” "), Nikoloski (Macedonia), Nikopolidis (Olympiacos), Nilson (Vitoria), Ovchinniko in (Lokomotiv), Pavlov (Aktobe), Pasechenko (Atyrau), Perov (Kuban), Piedels (Latvia), Polyakov (Lokomotiv), Pomazun (Moscow), Radich (" Spartak ”Nch), Raikovich (“ Maccabi ”TA), Ricardo (Portugal), Sidelnikov (“ Aktobe ”), Sorrentino (AEK), Stoikich (“ Ray ”), Stoikovich (“ Partizan ”), Felipe (“ Braga ” ”), Filimonov (“ Arsenal ”T), Foster (“ Manchester United ”), Friedel (“ Aston Villa ”), Hansen (“ Norschellann ”), Hart (“ Birmingham ”), Hennessey (“ Wolves ”, Khomich (“ Spartak ”Nch), Chizhov (“ Saturn ”), M. Chekh (“ Luch ”), Chikhradze (“ Spartak ”Nch), Howard (“ Everton ”), Schwarzer (“ Fulham ”), Shiklgruber (“ Pashing ”), Shunin (Dynamo), Esteban (Sevilla) As you can see, Arshavin managed to print both Igor Akinfeev (after returning from England) and Oliver Kahn (and not in the famous match against Bayern, when Zenit defeated the Munich 4-0, and in the game for the national team). But we will complete the selection on a humorous note. How can one not remember the easiest and at the same time the most ridiculous goal in his career on Arshavin’s birthday – against the goalkeeper of the Lokomotiv Ivan Levents in the match for the Super Bowl 2008?

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