Kai Haverts is the main football star after quarantine. Even Holland is resting (video)

Kai Haverts is the main football star after quarantine. Even Holland is resting (video) 5
13 THOUSAND AUDIENCE The Saturday program of the 27th round of the German Championship opened with four parallel matches. The central point was the confrontation between the Mönchengladbach Borussia and Bayer. A week earlier, the hosts, thanks to a powerful debut (two goals in the 7th minute), won in Frankfurt (3: 1) and beat the quarterfinal of the Champions League 2019/20 Leipzig in the table. Leverkusenzi also won then, maintaining a two-point gap behind Mönchengladbach. So it was a game for six points and a ticket to Champions League 2020/21. Before the starting whistle, the teams honored the memory of all those who died during the coronavirus pandemic with a minute of silence, and empty stands filled cardboard copies of the audience. This pleasure cost the fans 19 euros, but the fan sectors looked brighter than the week before.A minute's silence for the victims of COVID-19 all around the world 🙏 # BMGB04 pic.twitter.com/7Mr1pHRPzq— Gladbach (@borussia_en) May 23, 2020 There were already 13 thousand such cardboard viewers. If you didn’t take a closer look, it really could seem that the fans were able to attend the game. However, the absolute audibility of each phrase of the direct participants in the match quickly brought us back to reality. 13.000 Pappkameraden, damit niemand vergisst, dass ihr normalerweise hierhin gehört. 💚 Gemeinsam für Borussia – auf geht's ins erste Heimspiel nach dem Re-Start! 💪 #FohlenKlassiker # BMGB04 pic.twitter.com/22IRdyz0af— Borussia (@borussia) May 23, 2020 HAVERZ IN FIRE! As in the previous round in Bremen (4: 1), Bayer is very active started the meeting and already in the 7th minute opened an account. Kerem Demirbay in the area of ​​the central circle, he watched a casual transmission across and sent a breakthrough on the right flank Karima Bellarabi who noticed Kai Khaverts on the offside line . The most talented German footballer of the new generation (in December he became the youngest footballer to play 100 matches in the Bundesliga – then Kay was 20 years and 186 days) beat Yan Sommer from close range . Cheeky from Havertz pic.twitter. com / uEkkvEpPJW— Tolu (@tvlu_ad) May 23, 2020K Javertz, the line behind which from the European top clubs is no shorter than the Jadon Sancho and Erling Holland from the Dortmund Borussia, now special attention is riveted . In Bremen, he scored twice, and in Mönchengladbach he brought the number of goals in the second round of the 2019/20 Bundesliga to 8 in 10 matches! Plus made four passes. And the second successive doubles was not the limit for Haverts. He was close to a hat-trick, having hit the crossbar. Being a specialized central midfielder, he reached the forefront for the second match in a row. The reason for this is the injury of 27-year-old Kevin Falland . Peter Bosch still has Lucas Alario, Leon Bailey and Paulinho but none of them are completely satisfied with the Dutch coach. At the same time, Haverts does not act in the front line along the goal line, but opens across the entire width of the field, lowers into the depths and actively accelerates counterattacks. So, even in the first half, Kai coolly opened to the left, pushed Niko Elvedi and ran to the front line, but the exact transfer to the center on Bellarabi did not work. Hence, “only” 90 percent of the accuracy of the programs shown to him by the end first half. He was also good in the fight (77%). His partners also dominated this component, but not so much (in the region of 60%). BORUSSIAN SUFFERING The hosts didn’t have a match from the very beginning. In the absence of the injured opornik Denis Zakaria they were unable to establish control of the ball or restrain the opponent's breakthroughs in the center. The counterattacks of the guests invariably concealed danger to the gate of Sommer. Moreover, to all the troubles already in the 12th minute, Bril Embolo who was injured in an ordinary clash, left the field, which was injured in an ordinary clash. Instead of him Marco Rosa was forced to send Lars Stindl to the field which also did not contribute to the increase of Gladbach's attacking potential. Bayer used this. If at first, after losing the ball, the guests rolled back to their half of the field, then from the middle of the half they began to use group pressure, not allowing the opponent to play the ball even before their own penalty. Without Zakaria and Embolo, the black-and-white didn’t get out of defense under pressure, and long throws ahead on by Mark Thuram and Alassan Plea didn’t create the only dangerous moment after “Borussia”. Florian Neuhaus was the first to select, shifted to the center and struck hard. Lukasz Hradecki hit the ball in front of him, but managed to orient himself and push him away from the onrushing Rami Bensebaini and Plea. But a much more likely outcome for the break would be 0: 2. Hereter the block, how has Demirbay not scoredpic.twitter.com/GfOLZFbYJj – Riggers (@UniqueRiggers) May 23 Haverts, having played a wall right in the center with Demirbay, hit the crossbar from the goalkeeper’s corner. , 2020 KAI KILLS, DEMIRBAY FORGIVES After the break, the Gladbach players accelerated the pace, pressed their opponents and quickly equalized. The Bundesliga goalkeeper, the most involved in the game, Sommer threw the ball to Thuram with a long pass. The Frenchman dropped Plea and pulled behind the defenders, and, receiving a return transmission from a partner, confidently shot into the far corner. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooal Marcus Thuram 😍😍 @ MnbrMadrid5 – # BMGB04 pic.twitter.com/dKQTLuNa2o— عز – @ MnbrMadrid5 23, 2020In the next attack, Thuram could draw up a double, but, having run away one-on-one from Hradecki, could not beat him. However, he was actively interfered by hanging on his shoulders (and it is possible that in violation of the rules) Sven Bender . And in the return counterattack, the guests again stepped forward. Bellarabi broke through to the gate and shot past from an acute angle, but then he was overtaken by Elvedi and at full speed flew into the opponent – a penalty. Sommer was able to not only respond to a strike from Haverts “point”, but also to reach the ball. A very offensive goal for the Swiss goalkeeper. In general, Borussia in the second half looked more interesting and had to save a draw, but lost even with a bigger score. Bender after the filing of Demirbai from the penalty box overhauled the opponent and put the ball into a corner. And it could all end even sadder. Even before this goal, Sommer repelled Diabi's shot from the corner right on the offensive Demirbay, but he, as in the first half, forgave the opponent. This time his hit on an empty net fell over the crossbar. Fantastic spinning header / shoulder by Sven Bender to make it 1-3, Playing in a sweeper role today, he has deserved a goal # BMGB04 #bender #svenbender pic.twitter.com/AFaMaB7LLs – footballtraveller (@ footballtravel5) May 23, 2020Thanks to this victory, Bayer beat his opponent in the standings and moved up to rank three. At least until the Leipzig match in Mainz. So the whole fight for the Champions League is yet to come! As well as the struggle of European top clubs for Haverts. There is a feeling that soon we will see this guy in the Premier League, or maybe in some Spanish grandee like Real Madrid … Bundesliga. 27th round Borussia M – Bayer – 1: 3 (0: 1)
Goals: Haverts, 7 – 0: 1. Thuram, 52 – 1: 1. Haverts, 58 – from the penalty spot – 1: 2. S. Bender, 81-1: 3.
Borussia: Sommer, Leiner, Ginter, Elvedi, Bensebaini, Strobl (Benes, 76), Neuhaus, Hofmann, Embolo (Stindl, 12) , Thuram (Wendt, 78), Plea.
Bayer: Hradecki, Thapsoba, S. Bender, Dragovic (Baumgartlinger 81), Weiser, Arangis, Demirbai, Sinkgraven, Bellaraby (Bay 66), Diabi, Haverts. “Wolfsburg” – “Borussia” D – 0: 2 (0: 1)
Goals: Guerreiro, 32 – 0: 1. Hakimi, 78 – 0: 2. Freiburg – Werder Bremen – 0: 1 (0: 1)
Goal: Bittencourt 19. “Paderborn "-" Hoffenheim "- 1: 1 (1: 1)
Goals: Skov, 4 – 0: 1. Srbeni, 9 – 1: 1.

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