Justin Gatgi: If Habib defeats Tony, I can fight the greatest in history

UFC top fighter Justin Gatgi wins lightweight champion Habib Nurmegomedov in a duel with American Tony Ferguson . won. If he does, then I will have the opportunity to fight the greatest fighter in history, "said Gatgi for Mini Khabib. The fight between Nurmagomedov and Ferguson will head the UFC 249. It is scheduled for April 18. Russia is the favorite of the team tournament in Beijing-2022. Over the year, ours became even stronger. A year ago, Soviet Sport already held a virtual rehearsal of the Olympic team tournament. We check: how has the balance of power changed over the past season? 03/24/2020 16:00 Figure skating Tigay Lev Dmitry Smolyakov: In vain I threatened Sasha Emelianenko. The Russian fighter Dmitry Smolyakov called for a provocation. He called the conflict with Alexander Emelianenko, whom he threatened with reprisal, exhausted, and talked about moving to the US 03/08/2020 13:00 MMA Usachev Vladislav, Galimzyanov Danil Tokov, Kunchenko and Krylov will fight with the Brazilians. Who to cheer for this week in MMA This weekend in Ancasville and Brasilia, the Bellator 241 and UFC Fight Night 170 tournaments will be held. The Tokov brothers, Alexei Kunchenko and Nikita Krylov will perform on these shows. 12.03.2020 12:00 MMA Sergey Vashchenko “Challenge to Yourself”. Kim Clijsters lost after returning to the court. Ex-first racket of the world resumed his career for the second time. 02/17/2020 22:00 Ivanova Tennis Daria Marat Safin: In our sport, a lot of things look ridiculous. The ex-first racket of the world is about Daniil Medvedev and Maria Sharapova, Fedor Smolov and Snoop Doga, as well as dislike for sports. 02/28/2020 2:00 p.m. Tennis Klyuchnikova Anastasia How to Aizerman to reanimate Detroit? Outbid at Tampa Sergachev! Vitaly Slavin gathered all the Russian NHL players who will enter the market on July 1. 03/26/2020 15:00 Hockey Slavin Vitaliy March 8 is a bloody day. At the UFC tournament, 248 girls staged a mutual beating (video) And the main fight of the evening was terrible: the men rolled cotton wool. 03/08/2020 10:00 MMA Sergey Vashchenko Without flowers, spectators and medals. Russia – the fifth in the women's relay, Ekaterina Yurlova-Perkht began the race for health, Kristina Reztsova finished for peace. 03/07/2020 19:00 Biathlon Ivanova Daria Ashley Young gave advice on combating coronavirus. But some run counter to the WHO Winger of Milan's Inter, Ashley Young spends quarantine time to good use. And not only for yourself. 03/26/2020 13:00 Football Anisimov Vadim Sergey Shakhrai: Valieva’s talent requires careful attitude, she already had two breaks

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