Justice prohibits football on Mondays, except for an agreement between FEF and Liga



Monday, in the sun. On Mondays there will be no soccer. The litigation that the League brought to trial has been won by Rubiales and the Federation. Justice agrees: Mondays are not a good day for the spectator and there will be no soccer. The head of the Commercial Court number 2, Andrés Sánchez Magro analyzed the employer's proposal to play on Mondays and Fridays, which the Federation rejected, except for financial compensation for it.

Judge Sánchez Magro has completely rejected the demand of the Professional League and advises to negotiate "in good faith" the competition schedule. The judge rejects that there was unfair competition or prohibited conduct of the Federation and points out that both parties, the League and the FEF, must agree. closed-door matches that Tebas also wants to play on Monday, but in any case urges the League and the FEF to reach an economic agreement and, if this is not achieved, for the CSD to act

Andrés Sánchez Magro stresses in its ruling that employers is a private association that is compulsorily constituted within the structure of the Federation, with legal personality and organizational and functional autonomy "to the extent and with the intensity that is reasonable », And that it is by this nature that he is allowed to organize his own competitions, but with« necessary and mandatory coordination with the FEF ». The judgment creates jurisprudence. It does not refer, however, to the current stage, with a pandemic and with eleven league days to be disputed.

Thebes and Rubiales will meet tomorrow to reach an agreement in the calendar and must decide whether or not to play the five Mondays that the League requested. The FEF asked that, to grant those five Mondays, the employers' firm that they will not play on Mondays for five years. Thebes calculated that this would mean 750 million euros without entering the clubs.

Being behind closed doors, Andrés Sánchez's verdict does not affect playing on Mondays without an audience. Let the two institutions negotiate. and that the CSD can intervene. «In the hypothetical case that the RFEF and the LNFP did not agree on the economic amount to be paid by La Liga to the RFEF to authorize the dispute of matches of the National League Championship of First and Second Division, the Friday and / or Monday before and after each working day it must be the CSD who defines, where appropriate, what is the adjusted economic amount to the circumstances and facts related to said problem. ”

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