Ivan Temnikov: I have no idea how to unite Tambov with Nizhny, but for us it would be a salvation

“I DO NOT REMEMBER SUCH INTERVENTIONS BETWEEN CHAMPIONSHIPS” – “Nizhny” set the task in the fall compete for trips to the Premier League, and finished, it turns out, in 11th place. What grade do you put for the season?
– Negative, of course. Season we have failed. Even if the championship continued, it would hardly have been possible to significantly improve the tournament position. The lag behind the leaders is too big. So, Nizhny Novgorod didn’t end the season ahead of schedule. – Was there a conversation with the management about such a deplorable outcome?
– None. Because of the pandemic, everyone went home very quickly; they did not manage to hold meetings. Yes, and what can I say? Everything is clear without words. – Now it will take a very long time to wait for the start of the next season …
– My attitude to this is extremely negative. We held our last official match on March 15, and the next one will take place in early August. I do not remember such breaks. I think it would be more correct to complete the Premier League ahead of schedule. To start both divisions in July. If they decided to finish the RPL, then why couldn’t they do the same in the FNL? Well, we’d start a little earlier. Somehow these 11 rounds could be entered into the calendar. And the sporting principle would be respected. I repeat, “Nizhny Novgorod” did not lose from the suspension of the season. But I can imagine how insulting it was to prematurely lose the chance to compete for trips to the Premier League to the third and fourth teams. “Torpedo” and “Chertanovo” were undeservedly hurt. Ivan Temnikov: I have no idea how to unite Tambov with Nizhny, but for us it would be a salvation 5" ONE CASE TO CUT THE SALARY IN 2-4 MILLION, OTHER – IN 200-400 THOUSAND " – During the suspension of the season, many clubs went to reduce the salaries of players and coaches. Was it like that in Nizhny?
– There were conversations, but there were no reductions in the end. I think for the FNL salary cuts even 30 percent is a serious blow to the family budget, but our contracts are not comparable with the RPL, it’s one thing when you get 2-4 million rubles a month and another 200-400 thousand. All football players have families, loans and so on. – How do you perceive rumors about the possible merger of Nizhny with the Tambov RPL club, which, due to the lack of necessary infrastructure, holds home matches in your arena?
– As you know, there is no smoke without fire. Considering that the season in the RPL will continue, and in the FNL it is stopped, I have no idea how such a union can be implemented to eat. There will be a very small gap between the seasons … At the same time, it is not clear in advance whether the Tambov will fly to the FNL or not. And “Nizhny” by August already needs to be fully staffed … But if we consider this option purely hypothetically, then for our team this, of course, would be a salvation. “Nizhny” would have the opportunity to speak in the RPL, which we initially sought. – And funding from both regions would be more stable.
– Yes. Additional funds would appear. After all, Tambov, as far as I know, is experiencing financial problems. From a conversation with our sports director, I realized that the budget for the next season has not yet been confirmed in Nizhny There may be a contraction. We are waiting for official information. Still, most of the guys ended their contracts, I would like certainty. “CONGRATULATED THE DRAGUN WITH THE CONQUEST OF THE BELARUSIAN CUP” – Is it unpleasant to be in limbo?
– Of course. Psychological pressure appears somewhere 2-3 months before the expiration of the agreement. And then there's the pandemic that hit the economy of our football. It is still unclear when the transfer window will open … I have not yet decided on my future. If we agree with Nizhny on a new contract, I will stay, no – I will look for a new club. – Does the club offer players reduced conditions?
– Yes, that's right. Most football players are offered to shrink by 30-40 percent when signing new agreements … I’m constantly in touch with my agent Alexei Safonov . If something goes wrong, we’ll find an option. Just at the moment there is too much incomprehensible. And in the “Lower”, and in other teams. – Would you prefer to stay in the “Lower”?
– This is a priority option. Therefore, I hope that we will come to a compromise with the leadership. To be honest, I don’t want to leave here. Nice city, wonderful arena. When you have three children, proximity to Moscow is an important factor. To keep the family close. – Now football is gradually returning to Europe, matches are already in full swing in Germany. Have you watched the Belarusian championship in barrennesslessness during the pandemic?
– I haven’t watched a single game. Hooked only the final of the Cup of Belarus. I was glad for BATE, as Stanislav Dragun
stands there . We crossed paths at Dynamo. After the match, congratulated him on winning the trophy.

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