“It is impossible to identify cheating in online chess” Sergey Karjakin – about the nuances of playing online

“It is impossible to identify cheating in online chess” Sergey Karjakin - about the nuances of playing online 5
“I UNDERSTANDED TO BE DIFFERENT WITH OAK” Recall that Sergey took second place in the qualification of the Lindores Abbey Rapid Challenge online tournament organized by Magnus Carlsen . But in the playoffs he lost to the 24-year-old Russian grandmaster Daniil Dubov who became the winner. – For me, the tournament developed well at the qualification stage, – says Sergey. – Although I lost the first game to Nakamura I have not yet entered the rhythm, then I won four and took second place. After that I thought that I could count on something. But reality upset me. – Daniil Dubov became your first rival in the playoffs …
– I understood that it would be hard with Daney, yet he was the world rapid speed champion. But still, I did not plan to yawn the rook in one move, as it happened in one of the games of the third match. I wanted a full fight. But after this yawn in a winning position, the outcome of the match was a foregone conclusion. However, it should be noted that Dania was better prepared in the debut and made fewer unforced errors. – Dubov often used novelties in the debut. But don’t you feel sorry for spending your homework at rapid speed, maybe it’s better to save them for the classics?
– I play blitz tournaments a couple of times a week on the Internet, where I try not to show new ideas. But if you play in a tournament with the strongest chess players of the world and for good prize money, you can already save new things here. Although I’m used to showing new products only in the classics, now I have to rebuild. – Nakamura is the king of rapid, blitz and generally games on the Internet. But Dubov beat him beautifully, putting a spectacular point in armageddon. Expected such an outcome?
– Many considered Nakamura a favorite, although they did not give him a big advantage. But on the other hand, everyone saw that Dubov was in great shape. He not only beat me in the playoffs, but also the third world chess player Dean Lirenzha . And it seems to me that there was another factor that played a cruel joke with Nakamura – he won in the semifinals against Magnus. Hikaru has repeatedly said that the parties against Magnus are of particular importance to him. It seems to me that after defeating the world champion, Hikaru relaxed a bit, decided that he would definitely win the final. Apparently, he didn’t take into account that his opponent was in amazing shape. “WE ALL ARE ROAD REPUTATION” – I know that you prefer “live” chess when the opponent sits opposite.
– For me there is an online tournament not very familiar format. And, for example, Nakamura plays a lot on the Internet, for him this is normal. By the way, Carlsen also loves this business. I am a more classical chess player; I like to play with a “live” opponent. It is important for me to see him, it is important to touch the figures. But I have already played a lot of tournaments during quarantine, I gradually get used to the new reality – there is no choice. – How to control cheating in such tournaments? The camera is aimed only at the player, but in the far corner of the room people can sit with computers and prompt.
– Indeed, the camera is aimed at you, and plus – the microphone is turned on. These are all control measures. But if you have a microphone in your ear that is not visible in the camera, you can’t do anything about it. You can easily be helped with tips and you will win the game. I do not blame anyone, I just want to say that all control in online chess is based on the decency of the players. – World-class chess players are unlikely to resort to dishonest methods …
– Of course, we all value our reputation. If you are caught once in this, then it is clear that there will no longer be trust in you. I hope that none of the top-level chess players is engaged in this. – Was there any requirement for a dress code? Or can you play in shorts and a beach T-shirt?
– I was sent a contract, it has a lot of pages, I naturally did not read it. Therefore, I can not say anything about the dress code. But I have a long-standing habit – to come to the party at the right time in clothes. Therefore, even playing from home, put on a shirt and trousers. But some were in T-shirts, I take it calmly. – On June 9, you will play in the unusual match “Earth – Space”. Tell us about it.
– 50 years ago, on June 9, 1970, there was already a similar match. The astronauts who were in orbit were played – Andriyan Nikolaev and Vitaly Sevastyanov with specialists and their colleagues astronauts who were at that time in the Mission Control Center. As far as I know, the game ended in a draw. Now on the ISS are Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Wagner . I will be at this time in the Museum of Cosmonautics. On which board, and with what figures will the astronauts play, and with which ones will I be kept secret. The match can be watched on the website of the Moscow Museum of Cosmonautics. The match "Earth – Space" will begin – at 11.45.

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