It all comes down to money. Why is the NBA hoping to end the season?

It all comes down to money. Why is the NBA hoping to end the season? 5
In the current realities, when all the major world sports competitions have already been postponed or ended, even organizations that seemed to have a positive financial balance at all times have problems . In football, the transfer market, according to many forecasts, will not see 100 million euro crossings in the next window, because the clubs will simply not have the funds to make such large transfers. In basketball, the leading national European leagues have already completed the season ahead of schedule, despite significant financial losses. But the NBA still hopes that they can finish the unfinished championship. BEAM OF DARKNESS IN THE LIGHT KINGDOM Overseas basketball has always seemed a bastion of stability, where profits only grow every year, moreover, in geometric progression. However, until the current year it was. But coronavirus also hit America, where the number of infected people in the United States alone has already exceeded 750 thousand people. Due to the early completion of the season, European clubs suffered significant losses, but for NBA clubs such a move promises huge losses. The difference is that even the best teams in Europe rarely pay for themselves. Having a basketball team in the Old World is either just entertainment for wealthy owners who have another profitable business and invest in sports with the clear understanding that the funds are unlikely to be repulsed. Or a war of large sponsors who raise the image and popularity of their brand through association with a well-known sports organization. Or, as is often the case in Russia, the struggle for state subsidies. In the USA the situation is the opposite. An entrance ticket to the NBA is very expensive, and such transactions are extremely rare, therefore, assessing their objective value is quite difficult. For example, one of the last teams to join the league was Orlando Magic. The Wizards paid about $ 32.5 million for the place. But it was already in 1989. Since then, the fee for the opportunity to play in the elite could grow hundreds of times. Each club in the NBA is completely self-sufficient, the owners make a profit, and the team budget is replenished with tickets that are quite expensive even by American standards (with five Lakers home games a month, a ticket price of about $ 100 and an average salary of a Los Angeles resident of four thousand , for attending all the games of your favorite team at the Staples Center, you will have to pay an eighth of the monthly salary) and marketing, which includes the sale of no less expensive merchandising products, advertising where you can and other ways to increase pop the loyalty of your brand and the audience loyalty to it. And, of course, no one canceled space deductions from television broadcasts either. The principle “What goes around comes around,” so everyone is well aware of the risks involved in ending the battle for the championship rings ahead of time. FIGHT FOR EVERY CENT If the result comes first in Europe, as prize money – an excellent bonus for the club budget, then overseas game indicators are on the fourth, fifth, and sometimes lower places in the team’s income. After all, even the last ones according to the results of the franchise have multimillion-dollar incomes, without winning anything for decades. For this reason, the leadership of the league and the owners of the teams understand that it is not necessary to win, but to continue to go out on the floor is simply necessary. Due to the pandemic, some clubs are already experiencing difficulties, because there are no incomes, and players have to pay a lot of money. If you finish the season ahead of schedule, then the clubs will have neither TV broadcast revenue nor ticket replenishment. If the marketing plus in the budget drops, it’s definitely not in the amount that managers had expected in drawing up the annual plan, and in the offseason many will have to “throw off” expensive players to “fit” into the new reduced annual budget. For the league itself, an activated clause on forfeiting broadcasters for the fact that the whole world was left without a better basketball will be added to all the problems. Such a development of events is not beneficial to anyone. Therefore, the opportunity to resume the championship in the NBA will cling to the last. And in the league office. And in team offices.

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