Isco supports the complaint of some workers



Francisco Alarcón, Isco has supported some workers who denounce their employment situation. The player is in quarantine for prudence and medical surveillance after the positive for coronavirus detected in Thompkins, basketball player for Real Madrid, who had to play in Milan by obligation of the Euroleague .

Soccer players train in their homes pass daily medical checks and are informed of the evolution of the state of alarm decreed by the Government. And the man from Malaga has responded to a very tough labor situation.

Isco has wanted to denounce through social networks the labor conditions that have been imposed by various companies.

The Andalusian midfielder has shown his opposition and his protest against the conditions of the GSS Covisian company and his lack of security measures with his workers in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

Isco states his position: «This does not it can be allowed ». The union complaint focuses on the workers of this company going to their workplace without masks, without protections and next to each other, without the minimum recommended security measures to try to combat the epidemic of coronavirus.

Workers ask for telework, but their company does not allow it, it is in person. ]

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