Iron Karjakin faltered, and Dubov is waiting for the Iron Chinese

Iron Karjakin faltered, and Dubov is waiting for the Iron Chinese 5
Daniil Dubov 3-0 beat Sergey Karjakin in the third quarterfinal match of the online tournament. Now in the semifinals, the Russians will have to play Dinh Lizhen, who occupies third place in the world rating. Today, the grandmaster Elmira Mirzoyeva sums up specifically for “Soviet Sport.” Let's start with the confrontation between our chess players. Sergey Karjakin in the second game in an almost won position yawned a rook. Here we must admit that such an experienced fighter with iron nerves faltered. Bring Sergey this game to victory and then the outcome of the match was not at all clear. Recall that in the previous match, which took place yesterday, Sergey was also in a difficult situation, but in the fourth game he won to order with black, and then won in armageddon. And so, in the third game, Karjakin was satisfied with black only victory. Dubov played very reliably – and 3-0. But in general, I liked how Sergey fought in this tournament. Recall that he took second place in the round robin. In 2018, Dubov became the world champion in rapid chess. Daniel meticulously works on openings, surprises rivals. But in fast chess you can’t think for a long time. In the semifinal, Danu is waiting for Dean Lirenz, who takes 3rd place in the world ranking. Also a man with very strong nerves. Daniel needs to continue to play the chess that he loves. In any case, he will get excellent experience in playing with such an opponent. As they say, do what you should and be what happens. A few words about the second pair. Hikaru Nakamura is a very convenient rival for Magnus Carlsen. Their score in the classics is about 10: 1 in favor of the world champion. Therefore, he has a great psychological advantage over the American grandmaster. The first matches of the semifinals will be held tomorrow. They meet Daniil Dubov (Russia) – Dean Liren (China) and Hikaru Nakamura (USA) – Magnus Carlsen (Norway). The prize fund of the tournament is 150,000 dollars. The winner will receive 45 thousand.

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