Irene Vilaboa will be the first woman to train a national category men's team



The Galician team of handball from Teucro Pontevedra can boast of being the first in the history of handball in Spain to have a woman as a coach. The entity, founded in 1945 and that this year turns 75, has trusted Irene Vilaboa from Vigo to start this new project. "I am excited that a historic club like Teucro has trusted me to lead the first team in the national category," says the Galician coach.

Irene Vilaboa assures that "it is not a new experience to train men" because "for several years I have led the Bueu in First National" . For the new Teucro coach, "the coach is a sports coach, in this case handball, regardless of gender."

Being a pioneer and opening doors

Irene Vilaboa was a youthful and absolute Galician coach, in addition to being for ten years in the technical team of the Spanish youth team, with the who won the silver medal in the European Championship in Turkey and fourth place in the World Cup in Seoul.

The coach from Vigo has explained to RTVE that "there are more and more women training in the men's category, especially in basic training teams " and" if being the pioneer means that this is going to open doors for other teammates to access training men's teams in the senior category, perfect, although it shouldn't be that way ".

Tandem with her twin sister

Irene Vilaboa Fernández, who has been in the world of handball for 26 years, will do tandem with her twin sister, Rosa. Both have been united in their sporting career except this year, in which they had to separate their paths when Irene accepted the Sports Direction of Balonmán Xallas and Rosa the position of Luis Montes' assistant in the Teucro.

We complement each other well

"It is an incentive for me to be on a bench with her. Our sports career has always been united. We understand each other well, we complement each other. We see handball in the same way and we are both clear that it is that teamwork is essential for the good functioning of a club of a medium-high level club. "

Specialist in promotions

Irene Vilaboa arrived at Teucro after having achieved promotion to First National Men with the Bueu Atlético. Before, she had already managed to rise to First National Women with the Guardés. Therefore, it is not surprising that he assumes the objectives that have been set in the club from Pontevedra. "We would like to establish a game model and, in the short term, establish the team in the category of the Silver Honor Division" but "in the medium and long term there is no doubt that Teucro can access higher levels, managing its own resources like club ".


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