Interview with … Carlos Alonso, silver at the World Stand Up Paddle



We are touched by a member of the historic Stand Up Paddle team that won silver in the World Cups in El Salvador, Carlos Alonso.

The member of the national team attended to us from his current residence in Fuerteventura and he took a few minutes to chat with us about the magnificent result that El Salvador brought and the current SUP competition scene.

Alonso, not only returned from El Sunzal with silver for teams, he was also part of the team that conquered gold in the relay competition in the ISA World Cup. A moment that will remain in the memory of all who lived it: “while you were commenting it makes my hair stand on end. Rafita there arriving first in the relay event and finishing first … goose bumps! " recalls Alonso.

In addition, the great atmosphere that reigned throughout the world was reflected in the world runner-up. Carlos gets excited when he remembers: “It was a championship in which everything came out little by little. In all the categories we played a great role and with each passing day we savor a little more because I think we are not aware of what we achieved there in El Salvador. ”

We also talked to the world runner-up about what is the outlook for the competition Stand Up Paddle with the new normality that exists: “right now there is uncertainty absolute. The championships that were marked are in the air and it is not known if they will be able to take place. ”

The athlete of the national team, hopes that they give the green light to enter the water to compete: "Planning something now is impossible, so it's time to train as much as possible when you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel at the competition level" .

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