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With 470 official matches played and 12 titles won as a footballer plus an Olympic return as DT, Leonardo Astrada is undoubtedly one of the most important references of the last 30 years of River. During his two stages as a player and his other two as a coach he has lived millions of experiences within the club, and he spoke of all that in a great interview with Atilio Costa Febre.

One of the most remembered moments of his history in the Greatest was the semifinal of the Libertadores 2004 where he was a coach and there he took a very controversial round trip against Boca that was defined by penalties in the Monumental Stadium. On that series, Leo was very clear about the reasons why his team could not reach the final.

"In the second match against Boca, the referees turned us. They kicked Sambueza out when he really didn't say anything to the line judge. At that time Aguilar and Israel (the president and the top leaders in charge of football at that time) they did not let me talk about the refereeing of the match with Boca because they had a good relationship with AFA, "said Leo, with no hair on his tongue.

In addition, the 50-year-old coach who is currently looking for a club was very appreciative of the work of Marcelo Gallardo at the head of River. "Marcelo was always very intelligent. He did not add so much to the talks, but he was always very clear on the court. He did not see him as much as a coach, but he became the best coach of the last 40 years of the club. And the best championship that River played with him was that of the 2014 Sudamericana. "

More Astrada quotes:

His relationship with Ramón Díaz: "I was estranged from Ramón, but I couldn't fail the group. It had to be professional. Not that we didn't get along with Ramón, we respected him, but I it bothered me not to say 'Leo, I don't love you anymore'. I didn't like his handling "

The kidnapping of his father in the middle of his retirement : "It was a painful process. I did not want to be at the champion's party, because I did not want to ruin the moment. I was not prepared. I would have liked my old man would have been on the court in my last game, although I was sure he was going to show up. I suffered a lot but luckily I have him alive.

The Tuzzio / Ameli situation: "I think I handled it the best I could. We continued to play with both of them because Crosa came from an injury and Gandolfi was a kid. We knew they are things that don't have to happen, but they are human beings and they can be wrong. At first the group broke up and there was a fragmentation between the two parts, but later it became stronger seeing what we were at stake ""

Leonardo Astrada

Atilio Costa Febre

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