In Germany – a Russian goal, in Spain – a fine for Zidane, in Georgia – the arrest of the first racket

In Germany - a Russian goal, in Spain - a fine for Zidane, in Georgia - the arrest of the first racket 5
A CHICZLE BLOW OF LEVEN AND WERNER'S HAT TRICK In anticipation of the restart of the championships of England, Italy and Spain, the main focus of all football fans is still riveted to the German Bundesliga. In which the day before the next round started – the 27th in the season and the 2nd after a coronavirus pause. Some of the matches are yet to come, but striking events were enough on Sunday. In particular, the first Russian goal was scored after quarantine. Russian citizens in the European top leagues are not that many – rather, quite the opposite. But still they are. And one of them yesterday helped Augsburg arrange a rout for Schalke – 3-0. Eduard Leuven – the son of Russian immigrants, who was born in Germany but has dual citizenship, beautifully spun the ball over the wall from 30 meters in the execution of the free-kick. Pretty quickly – in the 6th minute of the game. It turned out both spectacular and spectacular, setting the tone for the whole match – Schalke could not recover after such a blow. Who does not know – Leven has not yet been called up to the Russian team. But theoretically it can, since in Germany it is played only for the youth team. The guy turned 23 in the winter. In another meeting of the tour, Leipzig striker Timo Werner dispatched three goals to the Mainz goal (here the defeat is even larger – 5-0). A hat-trick is always an achievement, but in this case it is flavored with an additional fact – in the previous match of the same teams, in the first round, Werner also struck the goalkeeper of his opponents three times! Six goals against one club during the season – this hasn’t happened in the Bundesliga in our century. In the meantime, the Germans are enjoying great football (albeit on TV), Italy is close to setting a date for the renewal of their Serie A. Dates they were called different, but yesterday information came that the championship would start on either 13th or 20th of June. Serious source – Minister of Sports of the country Vincenzo Spadafora. It was he who told RAI in an interview that these dates are the only ones discussed. The final decision will be announced on Thursday. ZIDAN VIOLATED SELF-INSULATION The Spanish Primera may resume a little earlier – on June 8th. But interesting news comes in advance. In particular, the Barcelona press writes that he distinguished himself … the head coach of Real Madrid Zinedine Zidane, who violated the rules of quarantine. Restrictive measures have not been completely removed, and at the moment in Madrid province there are still their own rules for movement. In particular, traveling by public transport or private car is only possible for work-related matters. While Zidane was reportedly twice breaking the order to visit the country house he bought. On which he was safely caught. Now the Frenchman shines a fine. Not ah, how big, but still – 1.5 thousand dollars. 27th ROCKET OF THE WORLD ACCUSED OF HOME VIOLENCE Zidane is not the only one who breaks the rules. True, if the violation of the Real Madrid mentor can be considered harmless (even adjusted for the situation with the coronavirus), then Georgian tennis player Nikoloz Basilashvili “distinguished himself” much more seriously. Alas – purely in a negative sense. The champion of three ATP tournaments, the 27th racket of the planet (a year ago was the 16th) was detained by Georgian police on charges of domestic violence. The statement came from the player’s ex-wife, and if the court finds him guilty, Basilashvili faces up to 3 years in prison. In the meantime, the tennis player was released on bail of 100 thousand lari – this is about 31 thousand dollars. At the same time, the player’s family made an official statement, in which he denied all charges against him. “Information about the violence is not true and there is no evidence to prove his guilt. This is not the first time that Nikoloz’s ex-wife Nelly Dorokashvili is trying to inflict moral, financial and reputational damage on him, ”the Basilashvili family said. EUROLIGA'S FATE DECIDES TODAY And a little bit about basketball. Today, the Euroleague can decide whether to finish the suspended season. On Saturday, a video conference was reportedly held with 36 basketball players from all 18 clubs who expressed their opinion – it’s definitely not worth playing. According to insiders, two of the three Russian teams – CSKA and Khimki – hold the same position. True, the president of CSKA Andrei Vatutin denied this allegation. Other sources report that clubs from Spain and Turkey will unequivocally support the decision to finish the season. As well as the Lithuanian Zalgiris. Is this so and if so, how much the position of different teams will affect the situation, we must find out soon. While there is a chance that big basketball this summer will return not only in America. But also on our side of the Atlantic.

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