"If you have to play in the summer, you will play, but with this you cannot be in a hurry"

S. D. | EFE
  Updated: 04/22/2020 12: 12h
  Paco Jémez, coach of Rayo Vallecano declared that the situation in Spain due to the coronavirus "had only been seen in the movies" and commented that "while this continues, talk about soccer or other things "seems even" frivolous ". Paco Jémez has been confined to his house in Madrid since the Spanish Government decreed the state of alarm for the coronavirus pandemic that has claimed the lives of more than twenty thousand people. “I had only seen this in the movies. This country is experiencing a situation that, since I have the use of reason, I think it is the most difficult in history ", said Jémez, who assured that," like everything in life, in complicated situations you see the best and the worst in people «. "We are seeing fantastic things from people who put their health and lives first by helping other people ," he noted. “This is very complicated and it will demand much more from us in the future. This is not only sanitary, but will make us all change and we will have to row a lot to get out . It will be an important change for all of us until we reach stability again, "he stressed. Within his profession, one of the unknowns he has is to know when he will be able to return to work and when he will compete again. “We do not know what will happen and what the future will hold for us, but every day that passes I am more pessimistic . I see that this is slow. Every day we lose a lot of people and, while this continues, wanting to raise or talk about soccer or other things seems to me to be frivolous "he confessed. «We all want football, we want to go out, go to a restaurant and that life goes on, but now we cannot. Neither should nor can be. We will all have to make an effort », he pointed out. The least worrying for Paco Jémez for when soccer resumes is the dates, provided it is done with sufficient security for all involved. “ If you have to play in the summer, you will play, no problem, but with this you cannot be in a hurry . There is no need to take a step back, only steps forward, even if they are small. You cannot end in a hurry and running putting your health in danger, "he said. Paco Jémez ends his contract on June 30, an aspect that will not be a problem or an impediment so that if he plays beyond that date he feels on the bench of the Madrid team. " I have no problem in extending my contract if the League can be ended because circumstances permit . I stay to play, I have no problem »," he concluded.

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