if there is risk, it is not played

E. Yoke
  Updated: 04/21/2020 22:43
 Related newsAround the football everything seems much more complicated than what its leaders want to convey. The coronavirus pandemic is not controlled, but there is a plan to get the ball rolling again, if possible sooner rather than later. People are still confined to their homes, but there are jobs that do not stop and football aims to raise the curtain so that the 2019-20 season ends a lesser evil in all this chaos. There is a lot of money at stake and nobody, or almost no one, is willing to give up their piece of cake, although there are also those who twist their noses and are not clear about it until there is a convincing answer that guarantees the health of all the staff. On Tuesday, the Association of Spanish Soccer Players (AFE) held a telematic meeting with the captains of the First Division teams – they did it with the Second Division teams on Monday – to mark return guidelines based on the established road map. The players had to say theirs since not everyone is willing to return due to legal imperative and there are discordant voices throughout this story. Fali Cádiz's central, leader of Segunda, has already stood out by assuring that he does not plan to train or play again until there is a coronavirus vaccine or a remedy that guarantees his health and that of his family, and has even said that if necessary, he leaves football at the age of 26. The concentrations There are no positions as drastic as his, but there are many who think that he is running too much. In fact, the conclusion drawn from the summit is clear: if there is a risk, you neither train nor play, and it must be the Ministry of Health that gives the definitive "ok" . In addition, there are also suspicions with the concentrations that they want to implant to have sanitary control over the athletes. One of the main drawbacks that professionals put is, precisely, on the subject of the preseason that they must carry out before the competition resumes, since they are not willing to be concentrated or spend another confinement in hotels or residences. In order to comply with the established schedule, the plan is that the templates meet in the same space and are controlled daily. The League claims that if there is a positive, that player should be removed, but the AFE believes that the entire group should then be quarantined. According to the meeting held last Saturday at the Viana la Liga palace and the Royal Spanish Football Federation under the supervision of the Higher Sports Council the idea is for it to become to training on May 4 or at the latest on May 11. The League would return on June 5 or, in the worst case scenario, on the 28th. It should be remembered that 11 games (110 games) are missing and that UEFA intends for its competitions (Europa League and Champions) to be held in August. .Meanwhile, UEFA after having a meeting with the general secretaries of each federation, called "strongly for the end of the national league and cup competitions", but opens the door to cancellations as long as they do not resumes of championships are possible. On Thursday, after the executive committee, all the measures taken by the highest body of continental football will be announced. Also in Italy they debated about the epilogue of Series A and the twenty clubs that make it up reiterated the will to finish the course. The Netherlands on the other hand, has said that there will be no sporting events until September 1, so the League is over.

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