"If Riquelme calls me, I tell him I'm going for free, everyone knows I'm a Boca fan," said Leo Ramos

"If Riquelme calls me, I tell him I'm going for free, everyone knows I'm a Boca fan," said Leo Ramos 5

Leonardo Ramos is a 30-year-old Argentine forward who works in Leon of Mexico . There he arrived in mid-2019 and awaits the resumption of activity after the coronavirus pandemic. Meanwhile, he made clear his love for Boca .
"Everyone knows that from the time I was born until I die, I am a fan of Boca . If you call me Riquelme I tell you that I am going for free. From the heart, it would be an incredible dream "the attacker was encouraged to dream.
Ramos was also consulted about the landing of his idol Juan Román Riquelme as 2nd vice president of the Ribera club. "He will do very well as a manager, he will give the club a lot these years," he commented in dialogue with "The note with Rome."

At the same time, he opined on the descent of River in 2011. "A final can be lost but it is very difficult to carry the descent, having that backpack should not be easy," he said. In addition, they asked him for the title of "Xeneize" in the last contest. " Boca did things well, he deserved to be champion. I suffered, but I ended up enjoying it," he said.
Meanwhile, he recounted his present in Mexico and his meeting with Martín Palermo . "The Mexican league has grown a lot in recent years, it plays nice, it motivated me a lot. If everything goes well, on Monday we are already training with León. When I crossed him to Palermo in Pachuca I was speechless. The only thing that crossed my path was to give him a hug, "he said.

Finally, he recalled his beginnings in the Argentine ascent. "My start in Nueva Chicago was very hard and beautiful at the same time. From everything you learn, I really wanted to grow up. The only thing I knew how to do was play soccer and luckily I gained a lot of experience. It crossed my mind to leave football, I set myself a goal of 6 months, but thank God I was able to take off. Fernando Ruiz called me from Deportivo Armenio and that's where my real career started, I started to make my own decisions, "he concluded.

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