Icardi, new opening in Naples

Still rumors about Mauro Icardi's future. The striker owned by Inter, on loan with the right of redemption at Paris Saint Germain, is one of Juventus' dreams, but other surprise solutions are not excluded, such as a transfer to Napoli that has been courting him for some time. interview with Radio Marte, Elio Letterio Pino, legal adviser to his wife-agent Wanda Nara, has opened the doors to a transfer to Campania: "De Laurentiis cannot be reproached, he has always tried to take him. Then for a reason or for the other probably Mauro did not want to stay in Italy last summer, the president was only a victim of the moment. " "Mauro is an attacker who may not go well for someone for a certain form but if I think I want to take an attacker, who could I take today that is good for Napoli? Like it or not, Mauro always scores. For me he is a extraordinary player, he still has a 30-40% growth margin. They say that you work very little for the team, but he can do everything, even go back. Obviously, like everyone else, he has more emphasized characteristics than others. " the club are therefore intact: "Obviously her agent is Wanda Nara and she takes care of her interests, I know Mauro well, he is a bit like my son. He always liked the idea of ​​Naples. There was a bit of controversy in the past with Maradona but he knows his story well and knows that Naples is the city of his idol, because he is the idol of all Argentines. Maybe Naples would have been the ideal square to light it, so absolutely there they are foreclosures. "

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