"I would sign to be tired and go to the final" Football News

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Rafael Nadal assured that he would sign being tired, after playing the semifinal on Saturday night, if that implies being in the final on Sunday in the teachers' tournament .

The tennis player, who beat Stefanos Tsitsipas this Thursday to get into the semifinals of the ATP Finals for the sixth time in his career, spoke at a press conference about the possibility of playing the match against Daniil Medvedev on Saturday night.

“It all depends. If it is a very long battle, the player who wins will obviously feel tired and the time to finish will be late. It can make you more tired at the end. But it is that someone has to play at that time and there are no reasons for complaints. I do not know if it will be my turn, it seems like it, but no problem. I would sign to be very tired and go to the final, "said the Spaniard.

Everything indicates that Nadal will play the semifinal against Medvedev on Saturday, not before 21:00 Spanish time, since the Russian will play at that time, on Friday, their last game of the group stage.

Regarding that meeting with Moscow, Nadal has a favorable face-to-face of three to zero, with all the victories on the fast track and one of them on this field, although the Balearic is cautious.

«I don't think the previous parties will work. At this level and against these players it always depends on the moment and he comes from winning Paris. He's in great shape. They are semifinals of a Masters, one cannot expect more than a rival of maximum difficulty, "added the Manacorense.

On whether it is the year he is playing the best in London, having rested more throughout the season, Nadal denied it. “Last year I was also playing well. It is true that I have very good feelings, but I have already played well other times, although I have not managed to win, "said the Spaniard. "I have done very good things in recent days and I know I have to take one more step."

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