“I would love to sit between Forsberg and Sakik in the locker room”

“I would love to sit between Forsberg and Sakik in the locker room” 5
– How do you spend time in a pause?
Malkin: – At home, in Miami , you can walk along the promenade and the beach. On our island everyone was tested for coronavirus, the test is negative. A pool was opened in the house, we can swim. Orlov: – I am in Moscow with my family, flew out of Washington on March 20. When he arrived, they took a smear from me, the result was negative. He flew alone, the family was here. I try to isolate myself. Malkin: – Yes, no quarantine will stop him, trains day and night … Sergachev: – I am in Tampa, in my apartment, trying to go outside less. I go to a friend in the hall four times a week. I don’t have children, I have a cat, so it’s easier for me. – How do you keep fit?
O. – I'm training on the stairwell. Three times a week, it is necessary to keep fit, not to swim with fat. M. – I consult in video communication with my coach, I study on the balcony, there is a treadmill, I run on it. Nobody knows when to start practicing. We are waiting for the decisions to be made on May 1. – How long will it take to get the condition?
M. “Since I am already old, I will need more than young.” Two to three weeks in a training camp. But you need to play, you need training matches. Without them, it’s unrealistic to play in the playoffs. – Name the best Russian hockey player in the NHL this season.
S. KUCHEROV probably. O. Panarin has a great season, he has his first year in a new team. If the season continued, the Rangers could get into the playoffs. M. – I agree, this is his best season in his career, a new team, a new city. – And who is the most fun?
M. Kovalchuk and Gusev . O. – Yes, he plays with me in a team, a Chelyabinsk thug … S. – The most fun is Kovalchuk, he started, he amused us at the World Cup. And also funny – Vasilevsky . – Who would you like to see next to you in the majority brigade? In addition to Ovechkin, of course …
O. – I would take Anisimov . M. – We need a right-handed one, let Kovalchuk be. By the way, Gusev can be. – Which of the players would like to spend time hanging out with in quarantine?
O. – Yes, with no one, because we are always in a team together. M. – I would not want to be with the head coach. S. – If you wanted to sit in the locker room between two players from different eras, who would you choose?
M. – With Peter Forsberg and Joe Sakik from Colorado, I would like to chat with them. I was a fan of Detroit in my childhood, but I remember how these guys won the Stanley Cup in 2001. I do not know them, we have never seen each other – What is the best thing for you in this pause?
M. – I slept, rested with my family, I try to put my son on rollers. We became so friends during this time. O. – The son is small, he is ten months old. I spend a lot of time with him, I started to cook a little, and before that only my wife was doing this. S. – I spend my time uselessly, read, cooked food a couple of times. – What is now in your refrigerator tasty?
M. – The refrigerator is full, the wife is dealing with this problem. Everything is there – a lot of children’s, yoghurts, milk, soup costs, vegetables, water, soda … O. – When I arrived, the refrigerator was full. We do not need anything, I just go to the store, buy on the list that my wife gives me. Nothing terrible is happening here. S. – Black caviar, oysters … – laughs. – All that is needed is. Everything is sold in stores here. My girlfriend cooks, for example, she made a cake yesterday. – What interesting story will you tell children and grandchildren about quarantine?
О. – When I arrived in Moscow, they did not let me out of the plane, people in protective suits came in, measured the temperature. Then they released, gave a piece of paper, I wrote my address. This is only seen in films. But it’s good that Russia quickly reacted and were ready for a pandemic. M. “I don’t know if it’s worth telling the children about it.” The story is wild. I hope this does not happen again. S. – All countries are closed, not to go anywhere. Like in the Middle Ages. Only shops are open. I don’t think I’ll tell it to my grandchildren. – What do you miss besides hockey?
O. – The plus is that the family is nearby. But I miss hockey. It’s hard to come back. I think the first month will be a nightmare – players will not understand what to do, where to run. S. – Yes, everything seems to be there. I miss Russia. M. – I miss live communication with friends, and so I am calm. The situation is complicated all over the world, thanks to the doctors who save lives. – Do you respect video games? NHL 2020? If so, what do you think of your rating in this game?
S. – We play KUCHEROV in Fortine. In the NHL 2020 – no, he was not even interested in his rating. M. – Here I have no gaming computer, no, no consoles. If I were in Pittsburgh, I would play Counter-Strike. O. “I'm not a fan of video games at all.”

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