"I tried Honda at first, but the young promise didn't want me around"



Casey Stoner's retirement was news in its day in advance. The Australian, champion of the queen category of motorcycling in 2007 and 2011, got off the bike at just 27 years old, in a brave and controversial decision.

Stoner recently spoke in ' GPOne ' to review his career and also analyze from his particular point of view the current events of the Motorcycle World Cup. An interview in which, among other things, he pinched the top star on the grid and current Honda team leader Marc Márquez.

«I had a slight desire to return, but not necessarily to run. I liked the practices and having that bit of pressure to put everything in its place, I enjoyed it. The races weren't my favorite part, there is a lot of pressure, so when I left it it was a liberation, I was relieved and I don't miss that, just working with a team, "admits Stoner.

Being test driver agreed with Marc Márquez in Honda for a year and a half: «I tried Honda at the beginning but the young promise did not want me close.»

«To be honest, I would like to participate more in MotoGP. I think I still have a lot to give to our sport and that it could help in some aspects by giving a different vision. I am not saying that he will come and fix everything, but I know what must be done to win, ”he admits his desire to return to the asphalt despite the chronic fatigue that he was diagnosed with a long time ago. "For now I focus on that and my family, then we will see what the future will bring," ditch.


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