"I have cried in the River locker room after a game," admitted Éder Álvarez Balanta

"I have cried in the River locker room after a game," admitted Éder Álvarez Balanta 5

Éder Álvarez Balanta current Brugge footballer from Belgium, recalled his beginnings in the River by Marcelo Gallardo and made a strong self-criticism in a letter he published on the Humanizados website.
" I demand of myself, I press myself, I punish myself when things do not go well . Sometimes to limits that harm me," began the Colombian's account, in a text entitled 'When self-demand boycotts you '.
And in the same vein, Balanta said that nothing went well for him: "When I started playing in the First Division, that supposedly the fans and the public opinion said that all the games played well and was one of the figures, I would come to the locker room or my house and said it was not like that. I started counting the errors, I thought : 'What good did the good they say do me, if I did this bad thing that ended, capable, generating a chance against the goal?' I cried in River's locker room after a game … ".
"When I started playing, I did not give much importance to what could happen in the game, but rather I enjoyed it. There I played looser. When playing with more unconsciousness it is usually easier to flow. But when you become aware that there is some pressure or that you have a certain obligation, you end up influencing, sometimes for the worse. At the time when I was not performing well, I kept thinking that I would never be able to do things well, "Balanta's story closed.
The Colombian defender started being one of the most praised in River, but then his level fell and he finally lost the position with the Ramiro Funes Mori Twin . Currently, he is in the Brugge of Belgium, trying to recover his best version.

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