«I don't see Vettel at Renault at all; Ferrari has exhausted you »



The future of Sebastian Vettel is, with the possible return of Fernando Alonso the main unknown that the World Cup faces. Formula 1 by setting his sights on 2021. The German will be replaced in Ferrari by Carlos Sainz after five seasons of disappointments.

Failure to close the sixth, a Express and atypical course due to the pandemic. But, whatever happens, even if he is a champion, Vettel knows that he is closing a stage. the races. Mark Webber his companion in the golden years of Red Bull opts for a temporary retirement. “I see him leaving him in 2021 and maybe coming back later. He is too young to retire, but since he started early and has a good record, I would not be surprised. I hope he doesn't, ”he explained on the At The Controls podcast.

In any case, the clearest bet for the Australian is that Vettel 32 Alonso for the free seat in Renault left by Ricciardo : «I don't see him at Renault at all. Most of his career he has been fighting for podiums, except for the first year at Toro Rosso, although he won a race that year. Perhaps he knows more about the car than we do. But anyway, it could take a gap year, who knows? ”

On his visit to Ferrari Webber believes that the main problem He may have been in Vettel's lack of rapport with Italian culture: «I think his confidence was very shaken by that. Sebastian has done everything possible to prepare the team and have the possibility of winning a World Cup in recent years, but it has not happened. ”

Finally, Webber thinks that his former partner is leaving badly beaten from the Ferrari experience: “This marriage has really drained him. You can see that his age does not appear at this time, I have told him several times. But he has had a good race, sometimes difficult, and I think he is simply worn out. ”

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