"I am a posh, illiterate, silly, subsidized tennis player"



This Wednesday, on a tense day in the Congress of Deputies, the words of Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo addressed to Pablo Iglesias and on the figure of the father of Podemos leader was one of the news of the day. The politics of the Popular Party accused the father of the Vice President of the Government of being a terrorist to which he replied, assuring that he would recommend his father to take legal action.

The rifirrafe caused a stir, from the same congress to social networks, in which soon tens of thousands of comments were generated in one direction or another.

And in the midst of the fray, the tennis player Feliciano López decided to join the controversy with a comment loaded with intention, asking about the Antifascist and Patriot Revolutionary Front (FRAP).

«Excuse my absolute ignorance, did the FRAP carry out terrorist actions back in the years 1973-75? I was not born yet and if we add to this that I am a posh tennis player-silly-subsidized-illiterate I am sure you will understand my question. Thank you, ”the tennis player ironically said on his Twitter profile.

Feliciano's words, how could it be otherwise, intensified the torrent of comments on the networks, with many followers praising his 'tweet' and many others criticizing him.

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