Hundreds of people flock to an illegal soccer match in Strasbourg in violation of the bans

  Updated: 05/25/2020 12:03
 Related newsThe images of several hundred people who attended a football match organized this Sunday in Strasbourg, violating the prohibitions of such events due to the risk of coronavirus, have caused reactions and announcements of sanctions for the City Council of the French city. The events occurred in the afternoon in a small stadium called Paco Mateo in the La Poterie neighborhood of the Alsatian capital, where concentrated between 300 and 400 people to watch a game without maintaining the safety distances that had been announced in Facebook messages. In the videos that have been circulated, a large number of people are seen in the stands and even on the pitch hugging . The municipal police moved when he had news but, according to the newspaper "Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace", the agents could not carry out controls in that Strasbourg meilleur ambiance to vote Paname là— 🐺𐰖𐰆𐰣𐰆𐰽 (@ Yunss67) May 24, 2020 Councilman Serge Oehler pointed out, in any case, that they have videos, they will try to identify those who were present and "there will be sanctions" in statements to the station "France Bleu". François Marcade, president of the Joie et Santé Koeningshoffen club, to which the stadium belongs, assured that "no leader" had authorized or participated in the organization of this meeting between the neighborhoods of Neuhof and Hautepierre, a fact in his opinion "inexcusable and unacceptable" . In the current phase of the de-escalation in France meetings are prohibited More than ten people. Since the beginning of March, according to official records, 28,367 people have died from the epidemic in the country, and more than 17,100 remain hospitalized. which more than 1,650 in the ICUs. Themes

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