How to earn $ 70 thousand during quarantine

How to earn $ 70 thousand during quarantine 5
The World Champion decided that it was worthless to despair during a pandemic and organized the first ever chess tournament in the history of chess with the participation of elite grandmasters. ] ARMAGEDDON DECIDES EVERYTHING WITH ANYTHING In order to play chess, one does not need a gym or a stadium. Enough laptop and internet. Here is Magnus Carlsen and organized a tournament of his name on the Internet Magnus Carlsen Invitational. The parties can be observed online on the site Shess24 . The tournament is not ordinary, eight elite chess players participate in it. Besides Carlsen, these are Hikaru Nakamura and Fabiano Caruana (both from the USA), Anish Giri (Netherlands), Ding Liren (China) , Maxim Vashier-Lagrave (France), Jan Nepomniachtchi (Russia) and Alirez Firuzdzh (Iran). And the prize fund is very substantial – 250 thousand dollars. The winner will receive 70 thousand. The tournament started on April 18. Each match consists of four rapid games (15 minutes + 10 seconds), the winner will receive three points, the loser – zero. With an equal score of 2: 2, Armageddon will be played, as a result of which the winner will receive two points, the loser – one. Four rounds of the knockout finals will be determined by the results of the round robin tournament. KARLSEN: WANTED TO RIP ALIREZA We asked Grandmaster Elmira Mirzoev to talk about the course of the tournament. – In the first round, Magnus beat Airni. In the second, he got a principled rival 16-year-old Iranian talent Alirez Firuzdzh. The fact is that the world champion recently lost a blitz match to a young Iranian. After the fight, Magnus said, “I wanted to tear him up.” The Norwegian won – 2.5: 1.5. The first round for the Russian grandmaster was unsuccessful – Nepomniachtchi lost Fabiano Caruana at the start. And today, Jan started unsuccessfully – he lost the first batch of Vachier-Lagrave, with white. Then there were two draws, and in the last game Ian won, as if by order, with black. Then he squeezed an opponent in armageddon. This is a very important victory for Ian, he is a very emotional chess player. I hope this gain will give him strength. If he catches his game, it will no longer matter to whom to win. For two pairs of chess players spend their matches on the same day. Therefore, Jan Nepomniachtchi will play the next match on Thursday. Carlsen (5 points) and Nakamura (4) are the leaders, while Nepomniachtchi has 2 points.

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