Heat, the invisible enemy of the League

Tomás González-Martín
  Updated: 06/02/2020 01:44
 Related newsThe situation is unique. The footballers played their first match yesterday, and training, since March 11. And now the League is played with eleven games every three days. Heat will be player number twelve. The thirteenth will be psychological, compete without an audience. Javier Tebas has carried out studies of soccer meteorology in the "Primera" cities in the last ten years and has incorporated the game at one in the afternoon. The employers warn that if the forecast predicts torrid temperatures, the schedules will be changed. ABC has spoken with coaches, physical trainers and doctors to analyze this League under the rule of the sun. José Antonio Camacho, former Spanish coach: "Everything we are going to experience in our football in these 39 days is experimental, at five in the afternoon the player is boiling hot, you have to know how to make the changes »Enjoy the best information for freeRegister on ABC in a few seconds. It's free, easy and fast. Sign up now If you're already registered, Sign in Topics

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