He played with Kaka, anointed past the empty goal, drove drunk on an oncoming traffic. What kind of Larina wants to buy CSKA

He played with Kaka, anointed past the empty goal, drove drunk on an oncoming traffic. What kind of Larina wants to buy CSKA 5
Despite a completely Slavic name, a potential newcomer to CSKA is a Canadian with Jamaican roots. He was considered a nugget at Sigma Football School in Ontario. Larin traveled several times to internships in Europe – at Werder Bremen, Wolfsburg, Hertha, Brugge and Genk. The presence on this list of Bundesliga clubs is not surprising. In Germany, they have long been serious about the football market in North America. It is no coincidence that another black Canadian – Alfonso Davis has established himself as one of the leaders of the current “Bavaria”. True, unlike Larin, he is of African descent. As for the potential newcomer to CSKA, after graduating from University in Connecticut, he turned down offers from Europe (including the Premier League) and began his professional career in the main football league of his native continent , becoming the first Canadian in history to be selected in the draft under the common first number. In 2015 – 2017, Kyle was the undisputed leader of the attacks of the Orlando City club. A ram type forward, who plays perfectly with his head, accumulated 44 goals for this team in 89 matches. Most often – 7 times – in the role of his assistant was the famous Brazilian Kaka the owner of the Golden Ball 2007. Around the same time, Larina was regularly attracted to the Canadian team. True, the debut major tournament for him turned into a failure. At the CONCACAF 2015 Home Gold Cup, Canadians managed to finish fourth in their group without scoring a single goal in Jamaica, Salvador and Costa Rica. In a match with Salvadorans, Larin made an unthinkable miss on an empty net, which later turned out to cost the team a ticket to the playoffs, and just a couple of months before this game, Larin made a spectacular hat-trick against New York City ( first in the history of Orlando). He scored the third goal from the pass just by Kaka. The Canadian also made a hat-trick after he moved to Europe in 2018. As part of Besiktas, Larin scored three goals each for Sivasspor (in the Turkish championship) and Torshavna (in the qualification of the Europa League). True, he failed to gain a foothold in the Istanbul club. Last season, the 25-year-old striker spent on loan at Sylt Waregem. After the Belgians announced the early completion of the championship, Larin sits idle. And now rumors circulated about his possible move to Russia. It seems that CSKA began bidding with a million euros, and Besiktas is waiting for a bid increase. Which is logical: Transfermarkt, even taking into account pandemic dumping, estimates the Canadian grenadier (188 cm growth) at 3.2 million euros. Despite the fact that the contract with Istanbul is valid until June 30, 2022. Be that as it may, the possible arrival of such a textured forward will change the game of CSKA. We remember how in the season 2018/19, the presence in the team of a powerful Uruguayan Abel Hernandez who distracted the attention of defenders, helped to reveal Fedor Chalov who received more freedom. It is possible that Larin is invited for the same purpose. And this is not a veteran like Hernandez who comes from the fair, who will be treated more often than he plays, but a very promising striker who can add to the transfer cost. Perhaps Larina’s possible problems with discipline are confusing. In 2017, while still playing for Orlando, a Jamaican Canadian was detained by the police for driving on the opposite lane on the highway while intoxicated.

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