Hazard, ready, set, go

Hazard, ready, set, go 5 Eden Hazard has a new challenge, immediate, that will be solved in two unique months in his career: turning a bad season into a good one. The two injuries, hard, have had an unexpected benefit: the crisis of the pandemic has delayed the entire season to such an extent that the Belgian has had time to recover and to play in perfect conditions the eleven days that will decide this League, six of them "In the little Bernabéu", the Alfredo Di Stéfano.

He has told Zidane that he wants to score goals and be finally key to deciding this title, after months of being down, hurt. If he manages to perform now, all his negative feelings will have become excellent in his first year at Real Madrid, very rough until today.

The delay caused by the pandemic allows him to arrive in perfect condition to the final auction of this League, recovered, as new, without wear of the season. The confinement did not affect him to a great extent because in March he carried out work to recover his fibula and he continued to do this work with a physical therapist who came to his home daily

The striker sincerely argued a few months ago that his season was bad, due to injuries, because he could not return to the club the investment that he made for him, 100 million cost. You can return this investment if you decide this League.

He is happy, optimistic, because his fibula is much stronger in his third comeback. He is confident, without fear. The Belgian is one of the great news of training. Shoot on target without fear and shows that he is recovered from the two fibula fissures suffered this season. He has told Zidane: winning the League would end his suffering.

Zidane has exposed Hazard, to the leaders of the squad, that the League is considered as the 1998 World Cup: eleven finals and you can not lose. This has been said to the staff. That's how Zizou won that World Cup, with rotations, and now there will be five changes per game. He has sincerely asked the players and whoever is wrong to say it because another teammate can play one hundred percent and it is better to recover for the next game, which will be in three days. He has told them that losing a game will mean losing the League, so you have to work hard in 90 minutes. Zidane explained to them that he won the World Cup in France in 1998, in seven games every three days.

To do this, Zizou explained to the Belgian that you have to know Alfredo di Stéfano well and decide on the League in it. Zidane wants to break with that Bundesliga tonic that the field factor without an audience decides nothing. He has put the team to train in the stadium so that they know all their secrets and feel like home. The softest grass areas or where the ball rolls the most. He claims that those things are very important because you can win a game for a detail.

The League is played here in six games, in "the little Bernabéu". Ramos, Carvajal, Nacho, Valverde, Casemiro, Lucas, Vinicius and Rodrigo have already played in it. First exam, Real Madrid-Éibar, on Sunday the 14th at seven thirty in the afternoon. It will be Real Madrid's first official match at Alfredo Di Stéfano. The second, on Thursday 18, Real Madrid-Valencia, at ten at night. Hazard will debut in this field.

Hazard has one goal: to win the League and to be on the field when the team tries and succeeds. He worked at home after the ankle operation he underwent on March 5 in Dallas, as a result of the injury he suffered in Valencia against Levante. Four months earlier he had already been injured in that same fibula, a similar fissure but in another area, by an entrance of Meunier, the cathedral of the PSG, on November 26.

That break in November brought its improvement to a halt after a few difficult months. The club's medical services decided in December a conservative treatment for the affected ankle, the right, which he had already undergone in 2017, when he was a member of Chelsea. After Meunier's kick in the fall, the player returned to soccer in February, against Celta. He played at a great level. However, in their second match, against Levante, they suffered another crack. After confinement, he has trained with his companions during these three weeks. And it is perfect to compete. Ready Set Go.

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