"Having Gallardo in the club we all work more calmly" | River Plate

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Marcelo Gallardo in River represents greater words from all sides of the club and without a doubt his legacy will be even greater than the titles achieved. And this is recognized by Gabriel Perrone, current coach of the club's Fourth Division and with a long career as a coach in Ecuadorian football, who highlighted each of the Doll's virtues when developing his activity and expressing his ideas.

"It is very difficult to achieve what Gallardo achieved. It is already difficult to sustain himself for six months, imagine 6 years as he has been. I do not think that in his head it is an easy decision to leave at some point for all that he generates with his work, everything he built since he arrived, and the comfort he must have on a day-to-day basis. For him and for us, the best thing would be for him to continue much longer, because having him we all feel calmer working , and for me it has a while ", Perrone maintained in an exclusive podcast with" La Página Millonaria ".

"Having Gallardo in the club we all work more calmly" | River Plate 5

Perrone's work with the boys of the Fourth Division (River Press)

In addition, the former River player who debuted as a professional at the club described how the day-to-day work with the Doll is developed, and what specific indications it requires for each of the youth categories. "Our link with Gallardo is daily, there is always some contact with both him and his coaching staff. The only logic that comes down to us is that the proposal is offensive, and then it gives us liberties to play with what each coach has in the category. In the DNA of the River story there is no place to speculate ", he closed.

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