"Having been the best does not lead to not working"



The Abanca Ademar decided to do without the former player and coach during the current season of his filial team, Juanín García for his "lack of involvement with the club's project and its way of working ", according to what the entity's president declared to Efe, Cayetano Franco .

" I understand that it may have been the best extreme in the world , but that does not give rise to not working, when you are a technician, as the rest do, almost day and night to try to be the best, because you cannot live on income and what you have been like player ", he pointed out.

The ademarista president has not linked the decision with the sports section, despite the position of bottom of the subsidiary with only six victories until the competitive break," because this is also a question related to the quality of a certain generation of player It is ».

Franco has related other" small details "that led to not extending the contract that ended on March 31, such as not having practically carried out the work of technification -with two weekly sessions- with the extremes of the first squad or not having witnessed the first team matches.

«Being the best player in the history of the club and member of its coaching staff, it cannot be understood that The first team matches are not witnessed and it is something significant of their degree of involvement, when, in addition, the best to follow the technification of the extremes is to be able to see them live, "he said.

The president of Abanca Ademar acknowledged having suffered a "personal disenchantment" with the highest historical scorer of the Spanish team and of the Liga ASOBAL whom he went to look for "twice when he played for Barcelona."

"In the first he decided to continue, the second opted for Logroño's offer and the third decided to return to León," he recalled.

However, the president has denied that the relationship was it would have deteriorated last season after ruling out the renewal as a player that Juanín García wanted.

"At least for my part, this was not the case and that is why he was offered the opportunity to start directing the subsidiary, without this decision having to be an end point," he said.

In fact, the The current board of directors, which concludes its second term next season, does not close the doors to a future option with someone who was one of its legends, also of Spanish handball.

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