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It is no coincidence that every May 25 is a patriotic date for our country from all points of view. It is that it not only refers to the birth of the Argentine Republic, but also to the birth of the most immense passion that our land harbors.

A day like today, but 119 years ago, the decision to merge the Santa Rosa and La Rosales teams led to the emergence of a club that represents a way of life that goes far beyond football. Thanks to the power of the shield and the River Plate colors, enormous glories and idols have emerged that will be forever marked in the memory, such as Angelito, Ramón, the Doll, the Beto, Bernabé, the members of "The Machine", Enzo, Ariel, Cavenaghi, and so many others.

  Happy 119 years, River Plate! | River Plate 5

Today the entire country is involved in a mandatory quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic, and both football and all sports activities have been left in the background, since the main thing is to protect health. But the spirit of the River world and the passion that moves all its people in the same way found a way to celebrate, and at the same time to help others.

This is why the Fan Subcommittee organized a solidarity lunch in various parts of the country and the world with the aim of uniting the River Plate people even more at such a special moment, and also in order to offer them a dish of food to those who need it most. Of course, everything will be with the corresponding sanitary and preventive measures, and from the Subco please everyone who comes to please do so with specific care when going out. In this way, despite all the adversities that the global context offers us, the reasons for celebrating are more than justified and sufficient.

The count reached 119, but we know that the passion for our colors will last forever. Happy birthday, River Plate!

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