Griezmann's Last Chance



Barcelona returns to the competition this Saturday against Mallorca (22 hours / Movistar LaLiga) with the intention of maintaining the league leadership. It will be a new opportunity also for Antoine Griezmann, the star signing of the season for which 120 million euros were paid and that has not offered the expected performance. After this forced stop by the pandemic, the moment of truth has arrived for the French. Eleven games in which you will have to justify your arrival. “ We really want to go back it's been a long time since we played an official match. We have prepared this game well, it is important to start these 11 finals well. We are looking forward to it and hopefully it will turn out well ”, the footballer explained to the club's official media. Griezmann is confident that his performance will improve and considers that this break has gone well: “On a personal level, the break came in handy, I needed to rest. It had been five years since I had so much rest mentally and physically I have done well. I have been able to enjoy the family and now I am at the top. ”

Presumably, he will share the lead again with Messi and Suárez . The Uruguayan has already been discharged after his knee surgery. « Luis is 9, the scorer, the one who makes the difference in the great matches with Leo . We have missed him and it is an enormous joy for us to have a player of that level and he will surely help us, ”says the Frenchman, who is still wondering what the return to competition will be like with the security measures in place. I've seen a bit of the Bundesliga. Celebrations without hugs are strange but it's nice to see football again, "he says.

Griezmann is optimistic and hopes to be able to lift the league trophy this season. " We have the cards in our hand we have to make eleven good matches and thus we will be champions, we are prepared to win and enjoy", he stressed after recalling that they maintain a distance of two points with the Real Madrid that in this league return receives Eibar. Finally, he has vindicated himself and has assured that he wants to return all the trust they placed in him when they paid the termination clause to Atlético de Madrid. « I want to be someone important in the team on and off the field. Enjoy soccer and help my teammates win every game, "he concludes.

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