Glory and shame of Tom Brady in his pachanga with Tiger Woods



The charity game of golf ' The Match II ' served to show Tom Brady that his skills for the sport go far beyond from an NFL stadium. The new Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback participated in this tournament teaming up with Phil Mickelson and against Tiger Woods and ex-quarterback Peyton Manning .

Brady, who next season will play for the first time with a shirt that is not the New England Patriots', left two moments to remember although he was not exactly the most outstanding of the four participants in the game.

The first one stunned to all who contemplated it because the quarterback achieved nothing less than a 'birdie' (hole in one) with a spectacular shot of about one hundred meters .

Lo bad is that when he approached the hole for his ball his pants cracked from behind when bending over . "I guess the pants wanted some social distance," joked the legendary American football player on his Twitter account.

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