Germán 'Mono' Burgos says goodbye to Atleti



Germán Burgos, better known as 'El Mono Burgos' has announced that will cease to be Simeone's second in Atletíco de Madrid at the end of the 19/20 season and will begin to run clubs as head coach. "I think I am qualified to lead a team" has acknowledged and announced that he will have references from Marcelo Bielsa, or Luis Aragonés.

However, the club that Burgos will train in the 20/21 season is still unknown.

For his "friend" Diego Simeone has only shown signs of affection: "We understood each other without signs, with nods, at fifty meters … I have had lunch or dinner more with the Cholo than with my family ".

Burgos explained that his decision was agreed with the other members of the rojiblanco club, who viewed him favorably: "We held a meeting between all of them and I expressed this concern that they see it as normal, they see it as a normal step".

"I am a pursuer of dreams"

Of the athletes, he takes the love and respect of the people and remembers two specific events: "The hug that we found Cholo when we won the League and the latter that we gave in Liverpool when we beat them ". The 'Mono' Burgos' has recalled that there are still goals to meet this season, such as the Champions League and he defines himself as a "pursuer of dreams": "We owe the third hug when Let's be champions of the Champions League, because we still have goals. I want to say goodbye to Atlético de Madrid as champion "


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