Gastaldello attacks: "This championship must stop"

Brescia captain Daniele Gastaldello in an interview with Radio I too lashed out against the resumption of Serie A: "To end this championship is a forcing, to play 12 games in the summer it exposes us to incredible risks. And the matches at 16.30 in the summer are scandalous. We are not machines, we are human beings too. "" In the rest of Italy you do not perceive what happened in Lombardy, many ask me on the street why football has to start again, many have lost their loved ones. In my opinion this championship starts again in a forced way and will never be the one that ended in March "." This championship must stop – continues Gastaldello – and on possible relegations it will be decided. 'I told the president that if we are last we have to go back. It's not that we at Brescia don't want to play because we don't want to go back, it's not like that. If we deserve it we have to go back. Football must go back to and be a passion: there are other interests that prevail the passion of football ". Salary cuts:" Public opinion believes that we are privileged, but I remind everyone that there are Serie A players who earn a lot but there are also many players who earn wages at the federal minimum and have to support a family. These are also footballers, they cannot take money months late. They are not all the same as Cristiano Ronaldo. "

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