Gaspart prefers the referendum to the Champions



To Joan Gaspart could perfectly be applied to him saying that every time he had raised the bread . The former president of Barcelona has never been known for his prudence and every time he gives an interview he neither bites his tongue nor worries about being politically correct. A staunch enemy of Real Madrid, he does not leave anyone indifferent when he talks about politics . In his last appearance, Gaspart has been in favor of a referendum in Catalonia, although he has assured that he would vote no. He is so eager that citizens can decide that he would even be willing to put him ahead of Barcelona's successes. «I tell you very easily: I prefer the right to decide to win a League or a Champions . Because Barça, if they don't win, can try again next year. And if not the other. And the other. And to the other … I also tell him that if a referendum is called and "no" comes out, we should respect the result for at least the next hundred years "he said in El Español.

The businessman, who has insisted that Barcelona has never declared independence, has denied that Artur Mas can be compared to Figo for his change of career. "That comparison offends me. I think Mas was very Catalanist but not independent. That is my feeling. Figo, on the other hand, was a traitor . He went to Real Madrid when he was engaged to me. Artur Mas's thing is to change his mind, but not his shirt. Do not make the simile with Figo that makes me nervous, ”explained Gaspart, who suffered the departure of Figo and wasted the 10 billion pesetas of his clause in signing Overmars and Petit . Despite these words, Gaspart explained how Florentino Pérez's move, which allowed him to win the elections, was with the Portuguese: «The same night I was elected president of Barça, he called me Figo and said to me:« Juan, I have two tickets . One who goes to Madrid and another to Barcelona ». I said, "I'm going to pick you up from the airport." He added: «My representative has signed a document with Real Madrid. If I do not list, you must pay five hundred million pesetas . I will not leave him lying, but if you guarantee that Barça pays that amount, I will stay. Florentino's move was sensational. If I signed Figo, great; and if not, he had five hundred million to pay the installments to all his partners. I insisted: I told Figo that we would face that amount. But he asked me to go look for him with a guarantee from La Caixa of five hundred million. It was twelve at night! I couldn't do that. I gave him the guarantee of Barça that we would assume our commitment. And he went to Real Madrid. It was a dirty, nocturnal and treacherous move by my good friend Florentino Pérez . ”

Gaspart is also very self-critical of himself and he agrees with those who define him as the worst president in history del Barcelona: «I think this phrase defines me: I would never run for president of Barça again because I would not vote for myself . I serve what I serve. For twenty-two years, I enjoyed a lot next to President Núñez. I was in charge of the sports area. I signed the best in the world: Maradona, Romario, Schuster, Messi, Bakero, Begiristain … That's why I won the elections. People saw me as a fan . I will be until I die. But people were wrong. And he acknowledges his mistakes and errors: «The night I was elected president, the best player in Spanish football, Luis Figo, went to Real Madrid . The same day you are chosen … and your best player is taken by the rival … It is not a good start … But then I made a big mistake. After the Figo operation, everyone knew that we had a lot of money to sign. The partners thought: " This man has experience and will know how to sign ". But we were in August. Someone minimally intelligent would have said, "At this point I cannot prepare the template, I cannot be held responsible." But I had been vice president for twenty-two years … and I took responsibility. I signed Overmars, a great player who did not turn things out. My balance: no luck and all errors . One hundred thousand people took out the handkerchief and asked me to go home. I listened to them. ”

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