Garipov: I don’t like what they show on TV channels. It’s as if they want to panic intentionally

Goalkeeper of the “Vanguard” Emil Garipov spoke about the current situation in the country caused by the coronavirus pandemic. “No, there is no fear. You won’t get anywhere from this if you are destined to get sick or something else … By the way, I read one academic who wrote that 70 percent of the world's population had already been ill with coronavirus anyway. I don’t like what is shown on our TV channels. It is as if they specifically want to inspire a panic, instead of reassuring people. If you were told to sit in quarantine, you need to sit. I don’t think it will last a year. A month or two, and I think that's all. Otherwise, people will then simply take to the streets, because they have neither savings nor work. You need to somehow feed your families. I saw a video where taxi drivers go crazy because there are no orders, they are sitting without money. In general, everyone will suffer. But I’m glad that many athletes are now helping, just someone is not talking about it, they don’t want publicity. I helped a lot of people who wrote on Instagram, but recently a lot of scammers got divorced. If they come to me personally, turn to me, then in general no problems – I will help. It’s necessary to share, you can’t just spend everything on yourself, ”Business Online quotes the player. We add that the past KHL season was completed ahead of schedule due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus. As for Garipov, the Avangard goalkeeper spent 11 matches, reflecting 92.7% of shots and earning a reliability coefficient of “2.08”.

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